Thank you Alan. Your original Mode One book changed my life 5 years ago and ever since then the confidence in my communication in every facet of life with people has skyrocketed. I am forever grateful for your contributions.

Jens C.

Hi Alan, I’ll be very brief and efficient. I feel like a huge thank you is in order for helping me to understand women. I never had a big brother growing up to help me navigate this area of my life and you’ve filled that role wonderfully for me. You may be asking why a thank you is in order but I feel like without the knowledge you have provided through your books, podcasts and consultation I may not be where I am at with my love life. I am in a very happy, loving relationship and on the verge of getting married to my beautiful fiancée. We’ve been together for 2 ½ years and have welcomed a son into our lives who is now 19 months old. I wanted to keep this brief but more importantly share some personal details about how you have helped shape my life. Thank you and I’ll look forward to your upcoming podcast season!

Ryan W.

Alan’s ‘Mode One Approach’ is highly unconventional, but I can tell you as a woman, it WORKS. Alan’s Mode One Approach forces women to immediately be honest with men about whether they are interested in having sex with a man or not. Most men do not force women to tell them the truth. Most men allow us women to string them along and play games with them.

Danielle W.

Alan is not really about simply helping men get laid. Truthfully, there are a number of ways to get a woman in bed. You can pay them money or get them drunk. Alan is more about helping men become bolder and more confident in their speech and in their actions. He has helped me so much. I used to be a verbal coward. Now, I speak my mind to women thanks to Alan’s mentoring.

Barry S.

Leí el libro “MODE ONE: Deja que las Mujeres Sepan lo que REALMENTE estás Pensando” en el año 2012, después leí el libro “Dilo Otra Vez” en el mismo año, pero no había tomado muy en serio esos libros, fue hasta que se publicó “La Posibilidad del Sexo”, que empecé a exhibir el comportamiento MODO UNO. Después de leer “La Posibilidad del Sexo” cambió totalmente mi perspectiva con respecto a las mujeres y supe que debía exhibir el comportamiento MODO UNO para lograr mis objetivos románticos y sexuales.

Antes de conocer los libros de Alan Roger Currie yo tenía un comportamiento MODO DOS, era muy amable y complaciente con las mujeres, eso provocaba que siempre terminara siendo su amigo, pero nunca su pareja sexual, eso me frustraba demasiado; cuando comencé a tener el comportamiento MODO UNO pude ver cómo mis miedos a ser criticado y rechazado iban desapareciendo rápidamente, ya no me sentía frustrado si una mujer me rechazaba, de hecho, me sentía bien, pues yo le expresaba exactamente lo que yo pensaba y sentía. Logré tener muchas parejas sexuales exhibiendo el comportamiento MODO UNO.

Actualmente estoy en una relación monógama, de hecho, mi novia y yo estamos esperando un bebé. Agradezco enormemente a Alan Roger Currie por haber compartido sus conocimientos y sabiduría con el mundo entero.

Joan M.

I first heard about Mode One sometime around 2007 (forget what specifically directed me to it though, apologies). I had checked out Alan’s website and immediately was intrigued by what I found within. As I looked deeper into the content of the site, (along with what I could come up with in a web search on what I then-thought was a new approach to dating) I felt intuitively that I already had incorporated pieces of the Mode One philosophy. What do I mean, you ask? For one, cutting off women if I sensed that I wasn’t going to progress into a sexual relationship in the near-future with them, or if they wanted to play their “girl-games”, i.e., not giving me their phone number, but being willing to accept mine.

I made up my mind to get Alan’s very first hardcopy book (Mode One: Let The Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking) later on that same year, and candidly, I can say I loved it then and still love it now, referring back to it as needed and purchasing more eBooks and consultations along the way. Very well worth the money. From the time I read it cover to cover, I realized that this approach to interacting with women to get what I (and most any other straight men) want is extremely necessary and efficient. Where the hell was this stuff all my life??? It was akin to seeing with a new set of eyes! This realization led me to shake my head in disappointment with the women I had wasted my time on using other “conventional” methods of pickup and seduction, however I felt more relieved the more I read, put into practice, and then vowed that Mode One is, and will be, forever a lifestyle for me. Alan, keep on doing exactly what you do to make more men like myself believers and achievers — and make this a real movement to be reckoned with! Mode One for LIFE!!!

Jason L.

Over the past few years my fear of rejection has become a big problem but with the help of Alan through his books, audiobooks and podcasts I can now say I understand it and whenever I feel it, I just take action anyway. Every day my life is improving

Mvano M.

Alan, thank you for the GREAT work you have done educating and enlightening me about women. Your teachings and books have improved my sex life amazingly. Major props to #ModeOne

Leo M.

I first discovered the original Mode One paperback over 10 years ago and knew it was the right choice amongst all the other seduction related information out there.

Alan Roger Currie is the world authority on the purpose and efficacy of true direct game. I returned to Alan’s books many times when I needed a refresher and always found the wise and long-term based advice I was looking for. When things really took a nosedive for me, a consultation with Alan was the only logical choice and I found him to be a patient, caring and experienced coach.

Mode One is the only methodology that puts a man’s self-respect first and doesn’t kowtow to pussy in doing anything for ‘results’… But to all the fakes and haters out there that say Alan’s approach ‘won’t work’… I fucked 4 women last weekend… A number that was only so low because I didn’t have time for the other 3. Mode One for life.

Samuel H.

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