Guest Bloggers offer their reviews of past podcast episodes

Since I began my live talk radio program Upfront & Straightforward back in June 2007, and then later began recording episodes of my Adults Only podcast program The Erotic Conversationalist in July 2009, I have very frequently received a high degree of feedback, and even ‘informal reviews’ of many of my past episodes of each of my two Internet radio programs.

So, what I decided to do recently was invite some women (and later, I will be inviting some men too) who love to review books, eBooks, audiobooks, and other audio and/or written material to offer a “Guest Blogger Review” of one or more of my past episodes of both The Erotic Conversationalist as well as Upfront & Straightforward.

If you want to offer feedback on a past episode of Upfront & Straightforward and/or The Erotic Conversationalist, you can do so by submitting your feedback to  If you want to offer a review (minimum 250 words) of any of my past episodes, include at least one (preferably two) ‘headshot’ photos of yourself, and I will use either your real first and last name, or if you prefer, I will use some sort of ‘pen name’ or pseudonym.


Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Porn Director & Producer Diana DeVoe

Episode #1 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length:  1 hour, 30 minutes

When I first heard Alan’s voice, it was voice was clear, seductive, and immediately grabbed my attention.

Alan’s guest in his very first episode of his adults only podcast program The Erotic Conversationalist (which is a bit different in its format than Alan’s other live talk radio program, Upfront & Straightforward), Ms. Diana DeVoe, was a delight to listen to. Her voice was friendly and sexy, and I’m a fan of anyone that’s rocked a jerri curl! Ms. Devoe also proved to be the type of intellectual I think we all need to hear more of from the adult entertainment industry. And Edward Penishands is definitely on my list of porn films to watch! If I can find it.

I actually like this format a bit better than I do the format of Alan’s other live show (The Erotic Conversationalist is not live; it’s pre-recorded and then uploaded for his listeners to hear).  Alan’s intro for the The Erotic Conversationalist is a lot shorter, and he gets to the interview with his guests much faster (usually within the first five minutes after the episode begins; On Upfront & Straightforward, Alan sometimes does not start interviewing his invited guests until 30, 40, 50, or 60 minutes after the episode begins!)

I never thought I’d hear a former stripper compare stripping to charm school, but Ms. Devoe made me a believer. She mentioned that it helped her learn how to interact with people and how to walk in heels. I think that is an interesting perspective, as it takes away from the typical mindset of stripping being a shameful profession.

Her story of how she got into the filmmaking process is fascinating. Her process for getting where she got was something admirable; storming in and disrupting typical filming procedures, agreeing to be on camera if she could in turn direct a scene herself, giving herself three years to make a name for herself. There needs to be a film made ABOUT Ms. Diana DeVoe and her life, if there hasn’t been one already! She seems like an amazing, very goal-driven woman.  What raised my eyebrows was when Diana talked about her parents reaction to her entering into the porn industry.  You would think no father would ever in a million years give his daughter his blessing to do porn, but Diana’s father did.  A porn-watcher himself, Diana said that her father told her that he would feel like a “hypocrite” to criticize her choice of a career, knowing that he had jerked off watching some other man’s daughter work in the porn industry.  Diana said her mother was very much against her working in the porn industry, but once she started earning a six-figure and seven-figure salary, her mother realized she was doing something right!

I like that this podcast episode was biographical and informational rather than just gratuitously sexual.  That’s the genius of Alan’s format on this program.  Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner once said that he used nude photos of women as the “bait,” and high quality articles from the nation’s best authors, journalists, novelists, and freelance writers as the “hook” (many people do read Playboy for the articles!).  What Alan does on this show is use the phone sex and mutual masturbation portions of his interviews as the “bait,” but he really wants to draw his listeners in to a sex-related discussion topic that he believes will resonate with most of his listeners, or leave them a bit educated and enlightened.

For example, in this first episode of The Erotic Conversationalist, Alan and Diana had a few kinky moments between them that will definitely leave some listeners very aroused, but phone sex aside, this was a really good listen about an African-American woman who has worked her tail off to become a successful director and producer in a male-dominated industry.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I took a lot more away from this listening experience than I expected to. I learned about a world and an industry I really had no idea about and from a woman who was so interesting and wise beyond her years.

I think that future listeners, and particularly female listeners, will gain so much from listening to Alan’s interview with Ms. DeVoe.  In a world where porn tends to be run by sexist White men, it’s refreshing to hear that people like Diana are making a name for themself and creating some influence and power in this industry. It’s a good sign for the future of porn and feminism, in general.

I hope that all of Alan’s episodes of The Erotic Conversationalist will feature women who are just as impressive and accomplished as a woman like Diana DeVoe.  Someone who defeated the norm, broke all boundaries, and laughed in the face of any sexist man who may have tried to stop her.

The hottest part of the interview was when Alan got Diana to tell him how much she enjoyed a porn scene that involved famed porn star Nina Hartley and Diana performing cunnilingus on each other.  If there were not any other customers in the cafe with me at the time I listened to this podcast in public, I would have had to slip my fingers in my sweatpants and pleasure myself!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Erotica Blogger Chrystal a.k.a. “Nikki True”

Episode #5 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length:  1 hour, 33 minutes

In Alan’s Interview with Ms. Chrystal Martin who also uses the pseudonym “Nikki True” (which is borrowed from Scandal Actress Kerry Washington, who played ‘Nikki Tru‘ in Chris Rock‘s movie, I Think I Love My Wife), these were the three questions that got me the most excited to listen to this fifth episode of Alan’s pre-recorded adults only podcast program, The Erotic Conversationalist:

Question 1 – Was there a stretch in your life when it was challenging to be brainwashed to feel obligated to always behave like what Alan referred to as a “prudish good girl?”   I believe a lot of women can relate to this question of Alan’s.   Chrystal’s answer to this question and many other questions presented to her by Alan were excellent.  I agree with Alan’s belief that women are usually socialized differently when it comes to society’s approval or disapproval of each sex exploring their sexuality.  Society has always given men a green light to “sow their wild oats” before settling down with a wife, but that same society frowns on women having even one sex partner prior to marriage.  God forbid 2, 3, 4, or 5 sex partners before marriage.

As a young woman myself, I could relate to the main topic of Alan and Chrystal’s conversation.  Many women from all backgrounds, all cultures and races can relate to the pressure to always behave like a prudish good girl in public, around family, and around friends. It was nice to hear that someone well known for writing erotica can be wild when writing page after page of hot erotica, but openly admit that she is somewhat “shy” during her day to day social interplay with others. That’s something you rarely hear and I think it’s great that it was recognized in this interview. It made me immediately go look up Chrystal’s blog to see how a ‘shy’ girl writes stories that are kinky, naughty, and all around dirty!

Question 2 – As a woman, have you ever felt comfortable enough to have a ménage à trois (either with a man and another woman, or with two men)? I loved Chrystal’s answer! It was very surprising to find out that this erotica blogger and novelist had not done something that seems pretty common in today’s sexual world, which is to have a threesome! Her reason for not indulging in a threesome was one that maybe more men and women should consider – she’s extremely cautious of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease and she wants to protect herself and make sure that all of her sex partners are STD free.  Chrystal is a sexual creature that thinks before she acts – which is a characteristic everyone can look up to and admire.

The topic that the conversation dived into because of that question was also fascinating: The porn industry and its regard for keeping the actors and actresses safe vs. only trying to earn profits and get a good ‘money shot’ (when the porn actor shoots his man milk on the women’s face). I enjoyed the journey the interview in this episode went on to after that question.

Question 3 – Have you ever had a male friend or female friend watch you have sex, or unexpectedly walk in on you while you were having sex?  Chrystal said that she once had actually gotten caught having phone sex with a former boyfriend by her mother!  Chrystal said that she played it off by turning her moans into an impromptu song! I thought that was hilarious.  I could not imagine my mother catching me having phone sex and playing with myself!  The thought of that happening makes me cringe!  I definitely felt her discomfort in sharing that.

I loved the way Chrystal responded to everything. She was excited about everything!  You could tell she loved being interviewed by Alan.  On this show, Alan not only allows women to be open and honest about their sexuality, but he strongly encourages it.  I believe next to worldwide “peace on earth,” Alan’s second greatest dream is to have all men and women be totally frank and open with each other about what they really want and enjoy sexually.  Alan has repeatedly said on his episodes that he hates “fake prudes” (his term for women who are fake prudes is ‘wholesome pretenders’).  Alan and Chrystal had a great time talking to each other, and you could tell both were loving every minute of their conversation with each other and were having a great time!  Alan seem to make Chrystal giggle a lot, which was fun to listen to.  Their chemistry is what helped keep me engaged in their conversation.

Even though I know Alan loves the term ‘pussy’ as his nickname for a woman’s vagina (seems like all men do!), I was most turned on anytime Chrystal referred to her vagina as her ‘kitty’ or ‘kittykat.’  That is so sexy to me.  Chrystal thoroughly explained to Alan’s female listeners how to take their sexual experiences to the highest level, and beyond.  Chrystal just seemed to have a vibrant aura about her that makes anyone listening take notice.  I also love women who are bisexual or lesbian be so open about it (both Chrystal and Alan’s other guest, Diana DeVoe are openly bisexual).  I like the fact that Alan does not limit his interviews to only heterosexual women.

One part of the interview that I think the men who listen to Alan will enjoy was when Chrystal admitted that she loves to cock-tease men, and knows how to do this very well.  Alan uses four unique terms to describe women in society:  He says that all women are either ‘reciprocators’ (women who are immediately down to fuck a man they just met), ‘rejecters’ (women who are not interested in a man), ‘wholesome pretenders’ (women who first act like a fake prude, but then eventually give in to a man’s sexual advances), or ‘manipulative timewasters’ (women who Alan says are cock-teasers, attention whores, gold diggers, and other women looking to string men along and exploit them before ultimately dumping them before agreeing to have sex with a man).

Before reading about Alan’s books and philosophies, I had no idea what it meant for a man to approach a woman in a ‘direct’ way or an ‘indirect’ way, but Alan enlightened me.  Alan endorses a ‘direct’ approach, which is when a man opens his conversation with a woman by telling her upfront that his primary reason for talking to her is to date her or fuck her.  Alan described an ‘indirect’ approach as when a man opens a conversation with a woman talking about the typical stuff (sports, politics, current events, favorite movies, favorite foods, blah, blah, blah) and then later in the conversation or in a future conversation, lets the woman know in a round about way that he has a love crush or a lust crush on her.

Chrystal agreed with Alan that being direct was the best way to identify a cock-teaser or ‘timewaster.’  I am still not sure if I wholeheartedly agree with Alan’s ‘Mode One’ approach to talking to women, but I am not against it either.  I will agree that there are many women in society who love to just cock-tease men, toy with them, and use them for free meals and gifts.   Some women surely disguise those motives better than others.

I wasn’t bored by any portion of the interview. I love the women who Alan invites on his various episodes. And when Alan gets involved and really drives them to talk about the things that they’re passionate about, that’s what keeps me listening. I want to feel like both parties are engaged and curious about each other. It’s also nice to hear such a casual demeanor going on between guest and interviewer. It made a listener like myself feel like I was eavesdropping on two people having a private conversation somewhere, not realizing that other people were listening to them.

Alan did seem to get Chrystal hot and bothered in a few spots, but nothing that was sustained for too long.  After listening to Alan a few times now, I will always associate the phrase “oooooooooh, say it again” with him forever.  He has claimed that phrase as his seductive signature for himself and totally owns it like a boss.

I think future listeners (both women and men) will benefit from listening to this conversation between Alan and Chrystal.  Chrystal understands that society wants women to keep their kinky side hidden, but she learned how to be vocal and direct about what she wants. She realizes the stress that race and gender puts on sexual freedom and expression. And she admits that she isn’t every character she writes about in her erotica stories.  Chrystal still claims to be somewhat shy, but she overcomes that with her erotica writing that she uses as an outlet to fully express of her sexual desires and fantasies. I took a lot away from listening to her story, her ideas, and her experiences. After it was over, I felt like Chrystal was a new friend of mine, and I could tell her anything that was on my mind related to sex!

Ladies, when Alan tells you to ‘say it again,’ be obedient, touch your kitty, and simply say ‘yes, sir!’  Alan has definitely established himself as the ‘King’ of conducting hot, sexy, totally candid and honest interviews with women.

Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with CEO & Founder Jo Lynn Clemens

Episode #12, Season 9 of Upfront & Straightforward (BlogTalkRadio)

Length:  3 hours, 55 minutes

I was really excited for this one because I had not ever heard of, so I was quite curious to find out more about the company and the services they have to offer from the CEO and Founder of the company, Ms. Jo Lynn Clemens.

Having listened to episodes from both of Alan Roger Currie’s formats (his live talk radio program, Upfront & Straightforward, and his pre-recorded and uploaded for-mature-adults-only podcast program, The Erotic Conversationalist), I would have to say that I prefer his interviews from The Erotic Conversationalist better, if for no other reason, Alan’s vocal quality is more consistently smooth and seductive throughout the entire episode, and his interviews with his guests usually start right away (usually within the first five minutes of the start of the episode).

When Alan interviews guests on Upfront & Straightforward, his vocal quality tends to fluctuate more often (from high pitched at times to smooth, sultry and seductive at other times) during the interview.  Even worse, Alan usually doesn’t begin his interviews with his guests until a half-hour or later into the episode. With this particular episode, he did not start interviewing his guest until about 57 minutes into the episode.   Jimmy Fallon, Host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, would never wait that long to interview his first guest!

I will offer a brief review of each segment of this episode, which was Alan’s last episode of 2015:

Segment #1 – From the beginning of the show until about the 56-minute mark

Alan usually begins each episode of his live talk radio program, Upfront & Straightforward, by offering his thoughts and opinions on various news stories that attracted his interest since his last episode, and he often mentions the feedback he received from his listeners regarding his most recent episodes.

During this episode, he mentioned that many of his listeners found his last guest, Dating Coach and New York area Matchmaker Arlene Vasquez-Washburn of AVConnexions Matchmaking services, to be very vague and ambiguous in her response to Alan’s questions about how quickly and how straightforwardly should men make their sexual interests known to women after making their acquaintance.  In one of my other reviews, I mentioned that Alan has a personal philosophy known as the “Mode One” approach for conversing with women that suggests that all men should lay their sexual interests on the table with women within a few minutes after making their acquaintance.  Many men and women who are familiar with Alan endorse and co-sign with his philosophy, while all of his critics have suggested to him that they think his approach is crass, rude, and way too forward.  I am probably somewhere in between a fan and a critic of Alan’s approach, but I more than respect his unwavering commitment to his philosophy and approach.

Next, Alan played a “Welcome to” audio clip featuring his guest for the evening, Ms. Jo Lynn Clemens, and then he played a second clip from Clemens that actually had me going for a bit. It sounded very believable.  In the second clip, Clemens commented that she and her colleagues found Alan to be too “erotically explicit” in his first conversations with women, and consequently, she intimated that she was going to place a ‘warning to women’ notice on Alan’s profile letting women know that he has a reputation for having a “hot, kinky mouth.” I laughed out loud at this. It was very amusing.

Finally, to wrap up Segment #1, Alan played a number of audio clip excerpts from his past episodes of Upfront & Straightforward where he had his female guests using X-rated language during his interview with them, such as terms like “fucking” (Alan’s favorite term for having sex), “pussy” (Alan’s favorite term for a woman’s vagina), and “cock” or “dick” (Alan’s preferred terms for his and other men’s penises).  Alan does offer a verbal disclaimer at the beginning of each of his episodes to let listeners know that his interviews and discussions contain Adults Only language. Honestly, no one under 21 should be listening to Alan’s episodes.  I think even boys and girls who are 18, 19, or 20 are too young to listen to many of Alan’s episodes, but that’s just my opinion!

The funniest of the X-rated clips Alan shared was from a past interview with a psychologist and dating expert by the name of Dr. Diana Kirschner. In the audio clip, Kirschner mentions that her interview with Alan was the very first interview she’s ever had where she used the term “fucking.” Right afterwards, Alan uses his seductive “ooooooh” with her, and he tells Kirschner, “I bet right after this interview, your husband is going to tear you up tonight (“tear you up” as in her husband is going to fuck her really, really good),” and the two share a big laugh together. Not too many popular talk radio hosts would even dare say such a thing to one of their female guests, and especially a guest who is happily married.

This is what separates Alan from the rest of the talk radio hosts and podcast hosts.  Alan is absolutely fearless when it comes to conversing with his female guests using extremely explicit, X-rated language.  Alan will talk dirty to his married female guests just as quickly as he will his single, unmarried female guests.  Like another past guest of Alan’s, Julie Lin a.k.a. ‘The Trophy Wife‘, said in one of his clips, “Alan, you have to have to have big ass balls to have the confidence to talk dirty to a woman in your very first conversation with her.  Women will initially feign like they don’t like it, but deep down, most women find a man who is bold enough to talk dirty to them right away kinda hot.” Comments like this from Alan’s female guests add more credibility to Alan’s blunt and direct “Mode One” approach.

Another very amusing audio clip that Alan shared was with a past guest named Taylor B. Jones, who is an expert on helping single women find themselves a wealthy Sugar Daddy. In this audio clip, Alan recaps the fact that Jones told him earlier in the conversation that her mother is having sex a younger man and her father is having sex with a younger woman (Jones’ parents are divorced). Then, Alan begins just dominating Jones in his signature bdsm dom manner, and Jones becomes very receptive to Alan’s verbal dominance.  During the exchange, Alan has Jones say “Yes, Sir” in response to his comments and requests at least three times, and then Jones cannot help but to later laugh at the exchange. Jones says, “You’re dominating me Mr. Currie,” and then she refers to Alan by his nickname, which is “The King” (which is the name of his alter ego on The Erotic Conversationalist – “The King of Verbal Seduction“).

Alan has made it publicly known that he is very much into bdsm (which involves one sex partner completely dominating the other sex partner), and he even gets hired by women to be their “professional dominant sir” (a bdsm dom) who verbally dominates women and trains women to become kinkier and more submissive to men.  I visited his erotic training page and found that he charges women $150.00 – $175.00 per hour for their telephone “erotic training” sessions.   Alan’s testimonials on that page show that he once dominated and trained a mother and daughter.  Wow!  I actually did some research on the internet and found that a few guys get paid to be bdsm doms, and some of them have married women hire them for “slut wife training.”  I believe this is similar to what Alan indulges in. I thought no man wanted to be married to a slut!  This confuses me a bit!

One audio clip that Alan shared that I found to be particularly sexy featured past guest and Sex Educator Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, who says in the audio clip, “I like to help people improve their fucking.” It sounded really HOT the way she said it. And she concludes by saying to Alan, “You’re the King, Alan.” Like Kirschner, Rogers-Anderson is married, which makes it even hotter to hear Alan persuade her to refer to him as “The King.” Alan owned Rogers-Anderson by the end of his interview with her like a total boss.

Segment #2 – From about the 57-minute mark until about the 1 hour and 30 minute mark

Jo Lynn was a great guest for Alan to interview on his live program. Jo Lynn is an intelligent, well-spoken, successful woman who is an entrepreneur who created a company that offers services that make it possible for people to date more safely. is Jo Lynn’s company and website that allows people to use their services to undergo STD testing and a thorough criminal background check. If all of your STD tests produce negative results (as in no infections detected, which is really a positive!), and no felonies or sex crime misdemeanors are identified in your background during your criminal background check, this means that you become eligible to become “XOXY certified,” which now means any man or woman you’re interested in dating can use the XOXY app or website to verify that you are “sexually clean and healthy,” and that you are not some serial rapist or convicted stalker. Ms. Clemens told Alan’s listeners that the XOXY certification lasts six months and then each member has to renew their certification by undergoing a new set of STD tests and a new background check.

Jo Lynn told Alan that the idea came to her years ago when her daughter was of dating age and about to leave her for college. Jo Lynn wanted to feel less worried, knowing her daughter was out there in that giant cesspool of mysterious singles.

As someone who is currently single and dates somewhat regularly, I was slightly angry with myself for not having thought about getting a background check done on someone prior to becoming intimate with them. So many women put themselves out there, fearlessly meeting strangers. We think that because we’re in a public place, we’re safe. But that isn’t always true.

Jo Lynn brought up many good points on how it’s completely normal to ask someone to be tested for STDs before becoming sexually intimate with them, or to require a person you met online to get a background check before meeting you. We all get insurance on our cars and homes, so it just makes sense to have the same kind of insurance for ourselves and our safety when it comes to dating! Don’t you agree?

Alan seemed a bit surprised that a seemingly conservative, wholesome-looking, suburban mom would come up with an idea for XOXY. Alan expressed that he would have assumed that a company such as XOXY would’ve been the idea of a woman who was a former porn actress or a woman who was heavily into swinging and couple-swapping.

Alan concluded this segment with questions for Jo Lynn about what specific steps she took to get her company up and going, if she ran into any particular challenges or obstacles in getting the company started, and how Jo Lynn plans to market her services to the general public.  The first segment of the interview with Ms. Clemens was very entertaining and informative.  I enjoyed it.

Segment #3 – From about the 1 hour and 31 minute mark until about the 2 hour and 13 minute mark

Sometimes when I listen to Alan talk dirty to women, it leaves me very wet.  Alan has a talent for creating sexual visualizations in a woman’s head that causes a woman to picture everything he is describing to her in her head.  An example would be when describes in detail how he would suck a woman’s clitoris into his mouth using his wet, warm lips and how he would massage and tickle that woman’s clit using light flicks of his tongue while the woman’s clit is in his mouth. I truly believe that Alan could get two lesbians off during a session of phone sex if the women were open-minded enough and up for it.

Then, there are other times when it seems as though Alan’s main objective for talking to women seductively is simply to satisfy his own egotistical craving to have his reputation as the ‘King of Verbal Seduction’ reinforced and strengthened to his listening audience.  When he does this, it doesn’t turn me on at all, but it doesn’t necessarily turn me off either.  Instead, it just makes me laugh.

Alan started off his second segment with Jo Lynn persuading her to refer to him as ‘The King’ multiple times.  I was laughing at this.  It is really actually very funny to listen to.   I mean, could you ever imagine Oprah telling a male guest, “Who’s the Queen of media?  Say it!  You know damn well that I am the Queen!” and having the man she’s talking to repeat “Oprah, you’re the Queen!” multiple times?  Or could you imagine watching Charlie Rose interviewing a woman, and then saying, “Who’s the King of PBS? Tell me!” and having that woman repeatedly tell Rose “you’re the King Charlie!” multiple times?  I actually could picture Alan on some cable television talk show of his fingering a woman during one of the episodes (and I would watch!) while having the woman tell him that he’s the ‘King’ at least two dozen times.   Alan has the audacity and personality to get away with such behavior.

Jo Lynn then began to explain to Alan the process of having a members sign up for a XOXY certification profile, and how he or see would go about consenting to the criminal background check and the STD tests.  Jo Lynn also expressed that XOXY is not an online matchmaking service (like or eHarmony), but she did say that XOXY might become a dating site at some point in the future.  Jo Lynn causes Alan to roar with laughter when she said she had friends who used online dating sites to connect with men, but some of those men were found out later to be felons who were recently released from prison.  Alan did ask Jo Lynn a very good question:  What about those women who lust for men who have “thug swag” (Alan’s term, not mine), which includes men who have a felony listed on their criminal record?

Alan highlighted to his listeners that he strongly felt that Jo Lynn’s company XOXY “fits right in” with his Mode One philosophy on approaching women in a very verbally bold and extremely candid way.  Jo Lynn made it a point to say to Alan’s listeners that her company, XOXY, is not designed to alienate people or make those who may have a questionable criminal record or those who are infected with a STD to feel bad about themselves.

During this segment, Jo Lynn informed Alan that one of his former guests, Trish McDermott, is somewhat of a business mentor to her.  And of course, the segment concluded with Alan requesting that Jo Lynn refer to him as ‘The King’ again.  And again, I just laughed.  For some women, Alan’s ego could become a huge turn off, but for other women like me, I just find him extremely amusing when he seeks self-serving compliments and affirmations from the various women he interviews.  In case you’re not familiar with Alan, his signature seductive phrase with women is “oooooooh, say it again.”  This is also the title of one of his audiobooks.  If you listen to this audio clip of Alan’s interview with Sex Therapist Alexandra Katehakis, you’ll understand the effect that phrase has on many of the women who listen to both of his programs.  As I mentioned in one of my other reviews, Alan has totally owned that phrase similar to how Joan Rivers claimed ownership to the phrase “Can we talk?

Segment #4 – From about the 2 hour and 14 minute mark until the 2 hour and 55 minute mark

The third segment of the conversation between Alan and Jo Lynn began with Alan opening up his telephone lines to his many live listeners, and inviting them to call into his show to ask questions of him and his guest, and to express their thoughts and opinions about the conversation between he and Jo Lynn.

The first listener to call in was a man who went by the nickname “Classy Q.”  Classy Q offered compliments and kudos to both Alan regarding his Mode One approach philosophy and also Jo Lynn’s entrepreneurial spirit.   I thought that was really “classy” of Classy Q to do!  He lived up to his nickname!

Alan makes me laugh out loud whenever he asks his guests or his listeners to say “moooooooooode ooooooooone,” and then he plays this audio clip with him and this woman chanting the same thing with hip hop music in the background.  Alan said that he felt Jo Lynn’s “mooooooode ooooooone” was “sexy.”  I have a feeling that Alan says that to all of the women who chant the title of his first audiobook.

Jo Lynn conveyed to Alan that her company is looking to partner with dating sites such as to allow the users of that online dating service to vet potential partners, and also that XOXY is looking to create collaborations with various groups on the website.  Alan suggested to Jo Lynn that she should definitely look to partner up with meetup groups that emphasize polyamorous dating.  Alan took a few seconds to distinguish polyamorous dating (long-term non-committed sexual relationships) from promiscuous dating (short-term non-committed sexual relationships).  I used to think that it was only men who wanted non-committed, no-strings-attached sex, but I have some girlfriends who have indulged in these type of relationships with men.  Personally, I don’t know if I could handle juggling different sex partners, but if I did, I would certainly want them all to be XOXY certified!

Another listener of Alan’s by the name of “J.D.” added some humor to the conversation when he expressed an opinion that some women love angry, brooding, and even disrespectful and physically violent men.   J.D. even confessed that sometimes he will tell a woman “shut the fuck up” for no apparent reason other than to let her know that he doesn’t want to hear the woman talk at that moment.  Alan laughed hysterically in response to J.D.’s comment, and even Jo Lynn was giggling.  I thought J.D. was disrespectful and rude to say such a thing to a woman for no reason, but I have to admit, it was funny the way he described when he does it.  Alan then told a story about famed actor, Jack Nicholson, waking a sex partner up out of her sleep just so Nicholson could slap the shit out of her.  Again, it was misogynistic as hell, but it was funny the way Alan described it.

Jo Lynn expressed that she would like to see large corporations incorporate the XOXY services as part of their benefits package for the corporation’s employees.  I know from experience that many companies already conduct criminal background checks, but I don’t think they do it every six months, and I also am not sure if many corporations conduct tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

The funniest part of this segment was when Alan had Jo Lynn say, “King, the Mode One approach philosophy and my company, XOXY, go hand-in-hand with one another.” Then, as expected, Alan made Jo Lynn repeat it a second time. Alan told me privately that he once had a woman who was resisting his sexual advances to repeat the phrase, “Please Mr. Currie, please don’t make me swallow your cum if I agree to suck your cock. Please sir” as many as fifteen times at a party years ago. Of course, she ended up sucking him off. And of course, Alan seductively persuaded the poor girl to swallow his load. Alan has many of these “mode one” kiss & tell stories. Many of his stories I believe, and some I think have been embellished or exaggerated a bit, but overall, there is simply no denying that Alan has an exceptional talent for using his voice and “big ass balls” audacity to leave women very turned on.

Toward the end of this segment, Alan began dominating Jo Lynn.  I cannot imagine Jo Lynn  being submissive to men in her role as the CEO of her company, but Alan owned her during the interview.  He had her saying “yes, sir” repeatedly.  Either Alan really had Jo Lynn under his seductive spell, or she did one damn good acting job in an attempt to help Alan reinforce his reputation as the bdsm dom known simply as the ‘King.’  Like the woman at the party that Alan told me about that I mentioned above, I began to picture Jo Lynn repeating to Alan, “Please sir, please don’t make me swallow your cum if I agree to suck your big hard cock.  Please sir.”  I am certain that Jo Lynn would surely have to make sure Alan was XOXY certified before swallowing a load of his warm man milk.

Similar to the proposed partnerships with and, Jo Lynn expressed that she would love to have XOXY partner with smartphone dating apps such as Tinder.  Jo Lynn highlighted the fact that dating apps like Tinder have led to a significant increase in men and women becoming infected with STDs here in the U.S.

Segment #5 – From about the 2 hour and 56 minute mark until the end of the episode

The fourth and final segment of the conversation between Alan and Jo Lynn began with Alan emphasizing to the men and women who listen to his show not to engage in “sexually irresponsible and reckless” casual sex.  He endorsed the idea of men using condoms for all instances of casual sex.   Alan then told a funny story about when he once thought his doctor was going to inform him of a positive STD infection, only for that doctor to actually inform Alan that his Hooter’s chicken wings fueled eating habits led to him receiving a high blood cholesterol reading from his hospital blood tests.

On a more serious note, Alan asked Jo Lynn if XOXY will ever consider checking a member for a history of mental illness, in addition to the criminal background check and STD tests.  Alan named two misogynistic and mentally ill men who committed mass murders and then suicide (One was named Elliot Rodger and the other George Sodini).  Jo Lynn responded by letting Alan know that XOXY has not yet looked into adding a history of mental illness to a member’s background check, but her company would surely look into adding this.  Jo Lynn also said XOXY said they are also looking to add in a drug test (tests for use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, methadone and crystal meth, among others).

Alan also suggested XOXY should find a way to confirm that a man or woman is indeed single (as opposed to being already married or legally separated), but Jo Lynn said that a person being married is not always available through public record in each of the fifty states.

One comment that Jo Lynn offered that Alan seem to emphatically co-sign with, was when Jo Lynn said in this segment, “Sex should be in no way discussed as if it is a taboo subject.”  Jo Lynn said she feels that men and women discussed sexual issues more honestly with each other in the 1970s and 1980s than they do now.   She went on to say that she feels like the internet era and a lot of modern technology has hurt interpersonal communication skills between men and women more than it has helped improve the communication skills between singles.

Jo Lynn also said she is amazed at how some men and women actually tend to fall in love via the internet, even before they have met each other in person.  Alan added that he has had phone sex stalkers which is not surprising at all, given Alan’s track record of having phone sex with over 1,500 women since the 1990s.  Based on a few things that Alan has shared with me privately, I firmly believe that Alan has probably attracted more phone sex groupies than any host in the history of talk radio.  Alan did mention that even before the internet era, some men and women were known to fall in love through what was known as “pen pals” (singles who would exchange handwritten letters with each other prior to meeting in person for the first time).

It was entertaining listening to Jo Lynn make mention of the fact that when she was young, she had a reputation for being a “tomboy” partly due to having both an older brother and a younger brother (she was the first girl to win a spot on her high school boys’ golf squad).   Speaking of the aforementioned Hollywood actor, Jack Nicholson, the two discussed some of their favorite romantic comedies, and two of them starred Nicholson (“As Good As It Gets” and “Something’s Gotta Give“).

Alan and Jo Lynn both emphasized a great point that I believe all of his listeners will take heed to, which is that every man and every woman should always be their real selves with each other beginning with the first date.  I already knew Alan had this attitude toward dating, but it was refreshing to hear Jo Lynn wholeheartedly agree with him on this point.  In addition to Alan discussing his own philosophies and his own books, he plugged a book written by an author named Dr. Brad Blanton, who wrote a book titled Radical Honesty.  Alan boldly encouraged the women who listened to this episode to even be open with new boyfriends about all of their past sex partners, something he said Dr. Blanton encourages.  I’m all about honesty, but I am not sure if I agree with Alan or Dr. Blanton on this.  Personally, I do not believe it is ever beneficial to anyone, and particularly women, to reveal everything about their sexual past to a new partner.  When one does that, I believe they are asking for trouble.

And finally, Alan said earlier in this episode that it is actually the women who listen to his two programs that encourage him to verbally dominate his female guests much more than it is the men who listen to his show.  I believe him.  I will reluctantly raise my hand with a bit of guilt!  When Alan drops his voice, and starts talking to women in his signature smooth, seductive, and explicit manner, you can’t help but to be either amused, extremely turned on, or both.

As I already mentioned in this review, I do not really get turned on when I feel Alan is just searching for compliments and ego-flattering affirmations (such as having women on his show refer to him as ‘sir’ or ‘The King’ repeatedly), but when Alan begins to talk to women like a total boss and he begins to just flat out dominate women to the point where I can tell he has the women on his show genuinely aroused, it is indeed a turn on to listen to the women Alan interviews slowly transition from simply answering his questions to speaking to him as if they want to finger themselves listening to Alan’s dominant commands.

If you listen to just the last 20 minutes of Alan’s interview with Jo Lynn, you’ll see what I am talking about.  You have to remember:  This was not some stripper or former porn star he was interviewing.  You expect the X-rated talk with women from those walks of life.  This guest was a businesswoman who is the CEO and founder of her own company.  From her photos, Jo Lynn looks to be a very conservative, prim, and proper woman (but we all know looks can be deceiving!).  Yet, Alan was talking to Jo Lynn as if he had already persuaded her to suck his cock prior to the interview, and that he confidently knew that he could get her to suck his cock again if he wanted.  I could feel Jo Lynn becoming Alan’s obedient bdsm sub, if only for the length of the interview.

For example, there is one point that Alan is totally dominating Jo Lynn, and then he says, “listeners, I think you know that right now Jo Lynn’s pussy is wet,” and then Jo Lynn seductively said “ooooooooooh” as many as three times!  In other words, Jo Lynn was letting Alan’s listeners know, “You’re damn right the King has my kitty wet!  If I weren’t trying my best to remain a classy professional, I would surely start playing with my kitty right now!”

When Alan began explaining to Jo Lynn what a bull/cuckold/hotwife arrangement was, I will confess that my kittykat began to get wet.  I literally began reaching for my mini bullet vibrator.  Remember when I said Alan has a way of creating sexy visualizations in a woman’s head?  He finally accomplished that with me during this episode.  And I am pretty sure he accomplished the same thing with Jo Lynn, as evidenced when she said submissively, “Sir, I get the picture.”  Alan described how a woman who is a ‘switch’ (a bdsm term for a woman who loves to be dominated by one partner, but she also loves to have another sex partner who she can dominate too) is the best fit to be a ‘hotwife,’ and the ‘bull’ is the male lover who dominates the hotwife, and the ‘cuckold’ is the male lover who allows himself to be sexually and verbally dominated by the hotwife.

At one point, Alan says to Jo Lynn in his sultry voice, “If I happen to come into a bedroom, and I see you and your cuckold lover in the 69 position performing oral sex on one another, I would position myself behind your ass – lift up your ass a bit off of your cuckold lover’s face – and then slowly slide my rock hard cock right into your wet pussy.  And then I would just start fucking you.”  Oh my God.  I was so turned on by this bold, “big ass balls” description.  Alan attempted to get Jo Lynn to describe having sex as ‘fucking,’ but the CEO in her would not allow her to comply. Instead, she referred to having sex as ‘lovemaking.’  And even though she used what Alan referred to as ‘PG-13’ language to describe sexual activities between a man and a woman, she still sounded HOT saying it!  Even Alan acknowledged as much!

Imagining Alan fucking Jo Lynn from behind right above the face of another lover (in my visual, Jo Lynn’s other lover was another woman!) was a super hot visual.  Alan and Jo Lynn possessed so much natural chemistry with each other, that it was not hard to imagine them pleasing each other sexually at some point (I don’t think the two have met in person yet, but I am not sure).  Alan is a total boss for having the balls to say something like that to a respected CEO on live talk radio!  I don’t know of any other talk show host who would have the balls to say that!

I know Howard Stern is considered by all standards the greatest talk radio “shock jock” of all-time, but I am not sure if even Stern has ever been bold enough to tell a respected CEO that he wanted to fuck her doggy style on-air.  The only other guy I know of who may be as bold as Alan is the actor-comedian Russell Brand.  I have heard Brand, when he is being interviewed by women, say things like, “Can I squeeze your tits?” or “I bet I can make you cum on my cock” without ever appearing to actually offend the woman doing the interview (most of the time, the women just giggle or blush).  I believe Alan would be a hoot on live television.  Either conducting an interview with a woman or being interviewed by a woman.

As evidenced by this lengthy review of mine, I really enjoyed this interview with a woman as smart as Jo Lynn.  I firmly believe that it would be more than beneficial for someone like Alan and someone like Jo Lynn to collaborate with each other, because they seem to think so much alike when it comes to open, honest communication.   Alan sounded just as sexy saying “XOXY” (pronounced ‘zox-cee’) as Jo Lynn sounded saying “moooooooode ooooooone”  These two need to have a marketing video with each of them saying ‘say it again’ to each other’s brand names!

I am tempted to say that this episode was close to being a five-star interview, but I did not like that it took almost an hour to get the interview with Jo Lynn started, so I have to deduct a star from my rating (sorry Alan!). Alan needs to persuade Jo Lynn to be a guest on his other show The Erotic Conversationalist. Now that would be HOT!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Jessica Swallows - Guest Blogger

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Actress, Model, and Sex Toy Entrepreneur Brandi L. Davis

Episode #7 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes

In the seventh episode of Alan Roger Currie’s sex talk podcast program, The Erotic Conversationalist, the Host known among his listeners as the ‘King of Verbal Seduction’ talks with his guest Brandi L. Davis about what motivates a woman who is known as a self confessed prude to let down her inhibitions and slowly reinvent herself into an erotically uninhibited kinky freak.

Brandi is now not only a kinky freak in the bedroom with men, but she has taken the initiative to become an entrepreneur and sell sex toys to male and female customers. Her online sex toy business that she founded is called L & B pleasure and productions. Brandi’s new mantra is “If I really like you, when can we fuck?” Brandi has finally found her ‘spot’ and she is willing to share it with Alan and all of his listeners.

Brandi and Alan have in fact known each other for a few years. They actually met on MySpace. Do people even still use MySpace? Later, when the two transitioned to the more popular Facebook, Alan got the sharp end of Brandi’s tongue when he invited her to touch her pussy for him over the phone, and Brandi not only unfriended him on Facebook, but she even blocked him for two years (2009 – 2011). Then, around September 2011, Brandi decided to unblock Alan and that is when she let him know that she was now a ‘changed woman’ and no longer little Ms. Prude. This time, not only was Brandi ready to touch her pussy for Alan, but she was willing to do so publicly as a guest on his popular risqué podcast show that highlights issues and topics related to women’s sensuality.

Brandi informed Alan that her ‘conversion’ was the direct result of a mind-blowing sex with a former boyfriend. Brandi’s explanation was ‘really good dick is what will make any woman go from being a sexually conservative prude to a more kinky minded freak.’ Alan agreed, saying that ‘all women have an inner kinky freak side to them,’ but that only ‘good dick’ and bold, cocky, seductive charm will bring that side out of a woman. The latter is what Alan calls a ‘mode one’ demeanour.

Alan asked Brandi quite a few personal and probing questions such as when Brandi lost her virginity, when was the first time she masturbated, when was the first time she watched porn, what type of sexual fantasies and porn scenes really stand out for her and leave her pussy dripping wet, and a number of other provocative questions he asked of Brandi. We all have that one scene from a porn video that we remember and can repeatedly get off too, and when I listened to Alan interview Brandi, it caused me to reminisce on my favorite scenes from my all-time favorite porn flicks.

The sexual tension during the interview between Alan and Brandi is off the scale (I sure hope these two have met up and fucked by now!). One particularly hot part of the conversation is when Alan allows Brandi to listen to a recorded excerpt from a telephone conversation that features one of Alan’s ‘obedient good bitches’ (Alan’s provocative term for his ‘erotic training’ clients and s/m submissives). In the clip, Alan’s good bitch describes a very specific fantasy that involves Brandi and Alan: the submissive wants to suck Alan’s dick right after he has slid his dick out of Brandi’s pussy. Alan’s submissive wants to taste Brandi’s pussy juices mixed with Alan’s tasty cum. Ladies, admit it. That’s hot.

If one of Alan’s specialties is ‘training’ women to become one of his s/m submissives, then the one featured on the clip is very well trained. Brandi lets Alan know that she loves the audio clip, and that she really loves Alan’s sexy way of saying ‘Ooooooooh – say that one more time. Say it again.’ I agree with Brandi. When Alan makes his guests say ‘Ooooooooh,’ and then he says it himself, it is incredibly sexy. And when he follows that up with ‘say it again’ or ‘say it one more time for daddy,’ your pussy will start to tingle if you’re a woman like me.

Once Brandi has listened to Alan’s perfectly trained submissive describe her fantasy repeatedly, Brandi is then ready to touch her pussy in the most enthusiastic way for Alan. Even though Brandi seems like a strong-willed type, and not really the type to totally submit to any man too quickly, Alan talks to her in the most commanding way and Brandi obediently follows suit. You can hear in her voice that Brandi very much wants to make her pussy cum for Alan, and Alan has her visualizing riding his stiff erection until they both explode with orgasmic excitement.

Make sure you are alone, or with your man who knows how to fuck you right when you listen to this episode. While touching her pussy for Alan, Brandi gets ‘buzzy’ with one of the items from her very own sex toy collection. She whipser to Alan, “do you hear that?” referring to the mild buzz of her battery-operated vibrator. Alan should market himself to any and all women who frequently use sex toys to satisfy themselves, and particularly those toys sold by Brandi’s company. His client list and Brandi’s female customer list could easily skyrocket out of the roof!

When listening, I made myself cum right around the time that Brandi did at the conclusion of this episode. I felt like I was right in the room with Brandi using one of her L & B recommended sex toys. If you’re a woman who is not too sure on how to properly use a sex toy, now sure how to even masturbate properly, and you want to know how to use a vibrator or dildo to better bring yourself to orgasm through masturbation, this episode is definitely a masterclass that will leave any sexually free-spirited woman dripping wet and more than ready to obey Alan’s dominant commands and requests. Ooooooooh. Can I say it again for you daddy?

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Tantric Sex Expert & Sex Educator Kendal Williams

Episode #9 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length: 1 hour, 23 minutes

In the ninth episode of Alan Roger Currie’s sex talk podcast program, The Erotic Conversationalist, the Host otherwise known among his listeners as the ‘King of Verbal Seduction’ talks with tantra lifestyle expert Kendal Williams about what the benefits of tantric massaging and touching, tantric oral sex and intercourse, and how being involuntarily celibate can drive a woman to become an irritable, grouchy bitch! I agree. When a woman wants to be fucked properly, it is incredibly frustrating not to be able to find a suitable mate!

Kendal’s terminology for a woman’s sexual frustrations is called ‘The Under Fucked Pussy Epidemic.’ Alan was fascinated with a blog article Kendal wrote on this phenomenon, so he enthusiastically invited her to be a guest on his provocative podcast program to discuss it in more detail. Alan has a very silky smooth voice. Just the way that Alan says the word ‘fucking’ is so delicious it will make any woman’s pussy drip. I got incredibly wet listening to Alan interview Brandi L. Davis, and the same happened to me when I listened to Alan interviewing Kendal Williams.

I am sure you will get wet too if you listen to this episode. Even if you don’t end up touching your pussy, this episode is more than worth listening to. Kendal is just as hot as Alan in this episode. For example, when she offers descriptions of her ultimate fantasy of being with three guys – or even twelve – tasting them, and allowing these men to have their way with her, you feel her words. Kendal Williams is utterly orgasmic. Incredibly sexy and open, her free-spirited nature is liberating to all women, especially if you love to get fucked properly. She makes you appreciate your ‘core’ (if you didn’t already) and what it is truly worth.

This is not the kind of podcast you want to listen to on your daily commute. Ladies, if your pussy is not throbbing by the time you’ve heard the chemistry between Alan and Kendal, then either you are a confirmed prude or you very much need to turn up the volume. When Alan asks Kendal to ‘say it again’, I was right there with him, its like he feels the heat from the pussies of his female guests and he knows what they want to hear and need to hear to get them off. Alan and Kendal have this insane sexual chemistry that translates to them having the most incredible session of ‘podcast sex.’ Kendal very much wants cum for the King, and so will you.

Every woman – prude, kinky freak, or somewhere in the middle – needs to listen to these episodes of Alan’s hot podcast, The Erotic Conversationalist. His episodes will definitely cause you to explore your own sexuality and how you move away from the typical feelings of guilt and shame that sometimes accompanies a woman’s sensuality. Has your pussy been a victim of ‘The Under Fucked Pussy Epidemic’ in the last few months? Forget Netflix and chill, listen to the King and Kendal tonight. And then make that pussy cum for daddy.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

JoJo Belle - Guest Blogger

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Actress, Model, and Sex Toy Entrepreneur Brandi L. Davis

Episode #7 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes

As a single woman in London, I am always looking for ways to understand the behaviours of men in the utter hope that if I can communicate better with the opposite sex then maybe I might be able to find ‘The One.’

In my search for information using the various media tools available to me, I was introduced to Alan Roger Currie who is apparently known as the ‘King’ of verbally  seducing women. I’m sorry, but this is a mighty big title for anyone to lay claim to. In my mind, in order for a man to be labelled as the ‘King’ of anything means that there has to be some sort of universal consensus that this man is the undisputed BEST at whatever his field of expertise is.

For example, the late legendary singer Michael Jackson (who was born in the same hometown as Mr. Currie) referred to himself as ‘The King of Pop Music.’ I won’t argue with that too much because Jackson sold literally millions and millions of record albums, both when he was alive and since his passing.

Being British, it is an even bigger challenge for me to look at and listen to Mr. Currie’s content that is meant to support this claim. As Brits, we’re commonly known for our modest, and quite often prudish outlook toward dating, relationships, and particularly sexual intimacy in comparison to our American counterparts.

The first thing I needed to understand was ‘who’ exactly is Alan Roger Currie? What makes Mr. Currie qualified to give men and women dating and relationships advice? What causes Mr. Currie to be perceived as so incredibly ‘verbally sexy’ in the eyes and ears of women? What does Mr. Currie say to women that leaves these women so sexually aroused? What is it about Mr. Currie’s talent for verbal eroticism that so far exceeds the verbal seduction talents of any other man on planet earth?

There was a lot of information available to me. I quickly learned that Mr. Currie has a colourful and wide wealth of experience in the area of presenting publicly (or what Americans refer to as ‘public speaking’). In addition to several self-published books under his belt on the subject of dating advice, advice designed to help men and women stop using ‘head games’ with each other, and advice on how men can become more verbally erotic and seductive with women.

I went over to his main website, and I also checked out his page.  I learned a lot about Mr. Currie’s personal philosophies about dating and relationships, and the basis for most of his advice for men.  In a few words, Mr. Currie has a philsophy that he labels the ‘mode one’ approach to verbally communicating with women.  Mr. Currie simply believes that if a man is interested in having sex with a woman (monogamously or in the form of polyamory), that he should just let that woman know this openly and straightforwardly in the man’s very first conversation with a woman.  Mr. Currie argues that most men don’t have the courage to do that because of what he calls ‘invalid social programming’ (read: negative brainwashing), and consequently, these men tend to babble on for hours with gals using what Mr. Currie calls ‘trivial, but entertaining small talk.’  Then, in a later conversation, these not so courageous men let women know of their sexual interests in a timid, but polite manner.

Mr. Currie has another page that appears to be for women (both single and those romantically involved) and couples who are interested in both dominant-submissive relationships (what is commonly known as ‘BDSM’ or ‘S&M’) and open polyamory (I say open because some people are deceitfully polyamorous, which is what makes them cheaters and adulterers).  This other webpage of Mr. Currie’s is on a different website, which is here:  On this webpage, I found out that in addition to Mr. Currie working as a professional dating coach for men (similar to Will Smith’s entertaining role as “Hitch” in the movie of the same name), he also earns money from being a ‘professional dominant sir’ who offers ‘erotic training’ and BDSM polyamory advice to his clients.  Many of Mr. Currie’s clients pay him as much as $175 per hour for their individually tailored telephone sessions with him.

I assume that if Mr. Currie has women paying him their hard-earned money in exchange for what he has to offer them as a professional dominant, he must be pretty good at what he does. I also read that Mr. Currie has caused over 1,900 women to masturbate to the point of orgasm for him over the last twenty-five years of his life.  So, assuming those are fairly accurate numbers, I feel compelled to give him the benefit of the doubt that he must be doing something right when he speaks to women via the telephone or Skype.

Alan invited me to listen to Part Two of his audiobook titled ‘Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex’ which I found on Alan asked me to post a review of that audiobook on a site called, but as of the date of this review, I have not had a chance to do that yet.

In my mind, listening to those six audio erotica stories contained in Mr. Currie’s third audiobook describing various casual shagging experiences with women would not have provided me with a truly valid gauge of his alleged persuasive power to seduce and arouse women.  The reason being is because all of the women used in the stories in his audiobook are either close friends of his or paid vocal actresses (I am assuming the latter, but I am not completely sure).  I do not really care to listen to women who are ‘acting’ as if they are aroused by Mr. Currie.  I wanted to listen to audio clips of his where I was firmly convinced that the women he was in conversation with were truly and genuinely turned on by whatever it was he was expressing to them.

Once I conveyed this opinion to Mr. Currie, he subsequently invited me to listen to some of his past interviews with female guests from two of his radio shows in which he is the host.  One show he has is titled The Erotic Conversationalist.  This is Mr. Currie’s show where he talks one-on-one with a female guest, and he blends informational interviews with extremely pornographic phone sex.   His other show is titled Upfront & Straightforward, and with this show, Mr. Currie interviews guests of both sexes, and he does so with an audience of live listeners who are invited to call into his show and ask questions of his guests.  Mr. Currie sent me a total of five episodes:  3 from The Erotic Conversationalist and 2 from Upfront & Straightforward.  I chose to offer a review of three of those five episodes.

My first review of three involves Mr. Currie interviewing an actress, model, and sex toy entrepreneur by the name of Brandi L. Davis. Ms Davis is an enthusiastic advocate for women taking charge of their own sexual pleasure and satisfaction (as in ‘women can have orgasms with or without men present’), so this interview cried out to me from the rooftops.

For me, the hushed tones and slow verbal delivery from both parties did not add to or enhance the interview, in fact it was a little distracting at times. The conversation itself however was very interesting once the host and guest really got going.

Mr. Currie talks about his first encounter with Ms. Davis and how prudish she was toward him when the two first connected on MySpace, and later Facebook. Mr. Currie asked Ms. Davis when did she first masturbate, and I believe she said she was in her late twenties!  She said the first time she both masturbated and participated in phone sex was on Skype. My first thought is ‘seriously’??? Most women I know who I have had discussions about masturbation with agree that best way to start with this is in the privacy of your own bedroom with a discreet vibrator, dildo, or your own fingers.  Which reminds me … I’ve lost my favourite vibrator somewhere in my bedroom! That is one of the risks of having a sex toy that is very small in a large bedroom.

I recently read Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O’Keefe which describes several scenes where an inexperienced Annie McKay is taught to understand her own body, its reactions, what she likes and doesn’t like and most importantly how to please herself by a more experienced and clearly BDSM dominant named Dylan Daniels.  If you read the book, you will understand the type of dominant schooling that I would expect Mr. Currie to use with one of his clients and S&M submissives who may happen to be a novice at female masturbation.

Mr. Currie could easily become a character in a sequel to Everything I Left Unsaid because the sexual relationship between Dylan and Annie happens completely over the phone. That is what makes this particular erotica novel unique. It is one of the few erotica novels that places a high emphasis on the pleasure that can be experienced strictly from telephone sex, and how one man can powerfully affect, seduce, dominate, and manipulate the behavior of a woman strictly over the telephone. I am pretty certain that Mr. Currie would find O’Keefe’s work an enjoyable read, at least based on what I have read about Mr. Currie and his seemingly erotically dominant ways with women.  Mr. Currie seems to have developed a reputation among his clients for being a blend of Dylan Daniels, Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey), Graham Dalton (James Spader in Sex, Lies and Videotape), and E. Edward Grey (also James Spader, this time in Secretary – a very popular film among avid BDSM lovers).

As the conversation between Mr. Currie and Ms. Davis began to flow, I began to concentrate more on the specific words that Mr Currie prefers to use with women. This is where I developed a profound disconnect for Mr. Currie’s style of verbal eroticism: Mr. Currie, for lack of a better word, is very coarse, crass, and crude. His verbal eroticism is simply not refined enough for me to truly enjoy it.  That is no real knock on him personally. Different gals and guys love different styles of literary and auditory eroticism.

I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I have become accustomed to reading high quality, New York Times Bestseller List caliber erotica novels that includes dialogue which highlights creative sexual metaphors and perfectly placed erotic innuendo. Mr. Currie on the other hand is just blunt. He uses terms like ‘cock,’ ‘dick,’ ‘pussy,’ and ‘fucking’ ad nauseam.  I do not find any of those rough terms to be sexy.  For someone who refers to himself as the ‘King’ of verbal eroticism, I expected Mr. Currie to have a bit more culturally refined finesse in his verbal eroticism.

I just simply don’t really care for the blunt, in your face type of verbal eroticism and aural sex.  Neither do most of my girlfriends.  I don’t know if this is a British thing, or just an individual preference on my part.  The worst term Mr. Currie used that made my girlfriends and I cringe and frown was his use of ‘my obedient good bitches’ to describe his female clients who also operate as his S&M submissives. I realize Mr. Currie is a BDSM professional dominant, but that type of terminology just comes across as way too misogynistic for my tastes.

The subject of terminology for genitalia has been the heart of many heated debates. Several women in the groups that I am a part of seem to love the same terms that Mr. Currie does, but many other women who are a part of the discussion and debate groups that I am a part of tend to be similar to my preferences and tastes as far as erotica dialogue and sexual terminology goes. I love to read and listen to men who speak in very provocatively romantic, metaphoric terms. Preference for sexual terminology is extremely subjective and personal for everyone, which leads me to believe that Mr. Currie could very well be considered the ‘King’ of verbal eroticism and aural sex for women who love a more blunt, in your face type of verbal delivery. His style did not resonate with me because of the use of those God awful terms that will never turn me on.

My own criticisms of Mr. Currie’s semantics for sexual interplay aside, there is no doubt that Ms. Davis was extremely turned on by the manner in which Mr. Currie spoke to her. Mr. Currie started off slow, and then he built on the erotic tension between the two that reached a very nice orgasmic crescendo by the conclusion of the episode.  Disagreements of mine notwithstanding, I can fully understand why this episode happens to be Mr. Currie’s most widely listened to and most downloaded episode of all of his recorded episodes of both shows.  Compared to many of his other episodes, this episode is relatively short (running about 75 minutes) and toward the end, you almost feel as though Mr. Currie and Ms. Davis are actually shagging rather than having a fun episode of mutual masturbation over the telephone.

My final assessment is that listening to this episode was much better than listening to the various sexual experiences chronicled in Mr. Currie’s audiobook memoir. Anyone listening to this episode could sense that Ms. Davis really wanted to give in to Mr. Currie’s erotic dominance, but she wanted Mr. Currie to earn her submissiveness and sexual obedience.  And by this episode’s end, Mr. Currie most certainly did just that.

I cannot yet agree with others that Mr. Currie deserves the label of the ‘King’ of verbal eroticism, but based on the number of phone sex partners he has had over the years, and the way he made Ms. Davis cum to a powerful telephone climax, I would not shy away from giving him the title of the ‘King’ of blunt, in your face, extremely dominant phone sex talk.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Tantric Sex Expert & Sex Educator Kendal Williams

Episode #9 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length: 1 hour, 23 minutes

My second review is about Mr. Currie’s interview with a tantric sex expert and sexual educator named Kendal Williams.

If you already read my review of Mr. Currie’s interview with Brandi L. Davis, a lot of my same criticisms and sentiments can easily be transferred to this interview as well.  I am still not sure if the love affair with coarse, crude, rough, pornographic sex talk is a Mr. Currie preference only, or is it more broadly an American preference.  To each their own, in fairness to the host and guest.

If you eliminate all of the moments during the interview where Mr. Currie and Ms. Williams participated in phone sex, this episode is worth a listen.  Ms. Williams is a sex educator who presents her thoughts and arguments very well, and I was impressed by many of her feminist attitudes about women taking ownership over their bodies, their vaginas, and their eroticism and sensuality in general.

I didn’t really care for her concept of the ‘under-fucked pussy,’ not only because of the dreaded p-word, but because I do not believe that a woman’s vagina always needs to be penetrated or pounded by a man’s penis for a woman to experience the highest level of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.  That concept of Ms. Williams’ aside, I agreed with many of her points about society’s attempt to dictate how a woman should behave sexually.

I believe tantric sex provides many benefits to men, women, and couples, and I believe more gals and guys should look into it.  Ms. Williams’ talked in detail about tantric healing, tantric massage, and tantric yoga in addition to tantric sex.  If you are tantra ‘curious,’ this is the episode of Mr. Currie’s that you should listen to.

Since I have been sort of beating up on Mr. Currie’s verbal style a bit, I will give him at least one compliment.  He has one saying that is expressed fairly seductively, and it involves no coarse, crude, misogynistic, or profane language.   The saying comes forth usually when Mr. Currie is playing the role of the good, attentive listener, and his guest says something very flattering to him or very erotic.  Once the guest expresses a compliment to Mr. Currie or a kinky thought, Mr. Currie will simply say in a very calm, relaxed voice, “Ooooooooooh.  Say that again.”  Sometimes, in a very amusing way, Mr. Currie will say this same phrase over and over and over repeatedly.

What I also do like about listening to Mr Currie is his openness and lack of modesty which enables both himself and the interviewee to talk candidly about the subject matter at hand. His demeanour throughout the interview seems to allow the conversation to flow naturally for both parties to explore the topic and provide their views.

I still don’t think I could ever agree that Mr. Currie’s style of verbal eroticism will ever earn him the legitimate title as the ‘King,’ but after listening to him interview Brandi L. Davis and Kendal Williams, I can see why a number of American women would fancy him.  Mr. Currie is an acquired taste, but I believe if a woman allows Mr. Currie to grow on them, he will soon be selected for the position as that woman’s own personal Dylan Daniels, Christian Grey, or E. Edward Grey.

I recommend this episode to Mr. Currie’s listeners not so much for the phone sex parts, but for the sexual feminism expressed by Ms. Williams and her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of the tantra lifestyle.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Book Author & Sex Coach Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

Episode #23, Season 7 of Upfront & Straightforward (BlogTalkRadio)

Length: 3 hours, 7 minutes

My third and final review is about Mr. Currie’s interview with an Australian book author and sex coach named Sabrina Rogers-Anderson.

Early on in the interview, Mr. Currie talks about anal sex and rather than taking the approach of discussing and exploring it for the taboo subject it is and the pleasure that can be gained by both parties in the relationship which is what I would normally expect, we instead have to listen to an unnecessary and lengthy description of Currie’s own personal experiences participating in anal sex with women. At one point, Mr. Currie says, “Three out of four women I’ve had anal sex with, it was THEIR idea, not mine. For a while I never actually wanted to try anal sex, but I knew if I had the right lube and I slid my hard dick inside a woman’s ass really, really, really slow … then once a good portion of my dick was inside her ass, I knew she would have just started going crazy.”

What an ego this man has! Like women have to twist his arm and force him to shag them in the butt!

Once again, I listened to Mr. Currie use this horribly misogynistic phrase, ‘my obedient good bitches.’ It is obvious his S&M submissives permit him to refer to them as such, but I personally just hate hearing that term. I could not stop my inner eye roll each and every time I heard Mr. Currie use that term.

With all due respect to Mr. Currie, I have to point out emphatically that there is a huge difference between ‘erotically dominating’ a submissive and totally degrading her. Anytime I am referred to as a ‘bitch,’ I feel degraded. There is this common misconception that a woman being dominated goes hand in hand with being demeaned in some form and for me referring to women as ‘bitches’ reinforces that perception. I’ll reluctantly admit: verbal degradation is a massive turn on for some women, but for women like my girlfriends and I, a man referring to us as ‘bitches’ is like someone throwing an ice cold bucket of water on what could have been a scorching erotic experience.

I played portions of Mr. Currie’s interview with Mrs. Rogers-Anderson for a group of my girlfriends who have a variety of relationship statuses. Some are married, others in long term relationships and the others single. All of these women are what I would consider ‘liberal’ in terms of discussing sex and engaging in sex. Nothing is particularly out of bounds for this circle of girlfriends, and they pretty much live by the rule ‘don’t deny it, until you try it’.

None of my girlfriends who listened to Mr. Currie interview Mrs. Rogers-Anderson felt that the portions of his sexual discussions with her demonstrated good, fun BDSM erotic domination, nor did they feel that Mr. Currie has created some sort of very unique style of verbal eroticism with women. Just about all of my girlfriends commented that they feel like Mr. Currie is, at times, an ‘erotic bully’ who loves being called ‘sir’ and the ‘King,’ and loves to feel like he is ‘training’ another new, different ‘obedient good bitch.’ In simple terms, Mr. Currie often times comes across as a very egomaniacal control freak.

Now in an attempt to be most fair and objective to Mr. Currie, one simply cannot deny that the women he interviews respond well to his style of BDSM dominance. As a woman, I can generally detect if a woman is feigning arousal, and I never got that sense when Mr. Currie interviewed Brandi L. Davis, Kendal Williams, or Sabrina Rogers-Anderson.

Of the three, I was least impressed with this interview. The problem I had with this interview, among others, is that Rogers-Anderson is married, and for the first two hours of the three-hour interview, you more than got the impression that even though the two were discussing sex in a provocative fashion, that Rogers-Anderson also wanted to be professional and respectful to her husband.

Mr. Currie seemed to have no regard for Mrs. Rogers-Anderson desire to be a bit conservative, nor did he seem to recognize that Mrs. Rogers-Anderson gave away all indications of wanting to be somewhat respectful to her husband. Maybe it was just me, but early in the conversation, Mrs. Rogers-Anderson did not seem too enthusiastic about using Mr. Currie’s preferred term for shagging, which is ‘fucking.’ She resisted saying it a few times. I think by the last hour, Mr. Currie’s dominant persistence wore her down, and she finally just gave in. In the last forty-five minutes of the interview, Mr. Currie had won the battle of wills, and soon he had Mrs. Rogers-Anderson calling him ‘sir’ multiple times, the ‘King’ multiple times, and Mr. Currie even had her talking about how sizeable his todger was! I am assuming he must have shared a photo with Mrs. Rogers-Anderson of his pecker in all its glory prior to the interview.

You can’t deny that all three women in the three interviews I listened to were enjoying the aural sex techniques used by Mr. Currie. All of the women involved appeared to be at ease communicating with Mr. Currie (again, with the exception of the first two hours of the interview with Mrs. Rogers-Anderson), and Mr. Currie showed no restrictions in being able to service their sexual and submissive needs, which are some of the signs of a good BDSM dominant. What many don’t understand about S&M dominant-submissive relationships is that the dominant is responsible for serving the needs of the submissive just as much as the submissive is responsible for serving the needs of the dominant. BDSM is not, and should never be a ‘one-sided’ affair.

In order for women to climax, a level of comfort needs to be achieved. Not so much in a physical manifestation but psychologically. It takes more skills to seduce a woman’s mind and enable her to release sexual tension that it does to connect with her physically. This is demonstrated by Mr. Currie in his interviews with Davis and Williams, and to a lesser extent, with Mrs. Rogers-Anderson.

We’re constantly moving forward in an era where women are becoming less and less afraid to ask their partners for what they want. The thing is, men need to learn to adapt and take notes from shows such as The Erotic Conversationalist. Women want more from sex than a few humps by a man only interested in his own self-gratification. The ‘in, out and done’ method (or what Americans call the ‘hit it and quit it’ routine) is no longer being tolerated by women. Women need a man who is going to able to communicate with them about what their sexual desires are and men need to be able to deliver and satisfy women’s every need and desire.

It’s long been agreed that women are stimulated more by what they hear and phone sex is a great way for men and women to be able to fulfil needs on both sides. There are more female listeners than male listeners to Alan Roger Currie’s show, The Erotic Conversationalist, which suggests that women are looking for something specific and men appear not to be listening and seeking out the information they need to be able to satisfy all of women’s needs.

Being able to deliver good phone sex is not a skill that everyone possesses. It takes practice and an openness that can leave both involved feeling vulnerable. If you don’t regularly use the skill, you could end up sounding like Leonard Hofstadter from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory in ‘The Infestation Hypothesis’ when he tries to engage in phone sex with his girlfriend Priya. Trust me when I say no woman wants their man to sound like that.

I guess to finally answer the question, “Is Alan Roger Currie deserving of the label the ‘King’ of verbally seducing women?” If the responsibility to answer that question rests solely on my own shoulders, I would have to say, “No. Mr. Currie is NOT the undisputed ‘King’ of leaving a woman’s panties wet.” And all of my girlfriends agreed with me on this assessment.

What I am ready to acknowledge is that phone sex can sometimes be just of a huge turn on as actual sexual interplay, but not many men really know how to participate in phone sex with a woman that would leave her sexually satisfied. Mr. Currie has mastered a niche with his phone sex style over the last twenty-five years of his life, and that is not a talent too many men can learn or duplicate overnight. My recommendation for Mr. Currie would be to read the well written dialogue of some really top quality erotica novels, and then add a bit more finesse and subtlety to his verbal eroticism and then he will really take his verbal seduction skills with women to the next level.

I appreciate Mr. Currie for welcoming me into his world, and allowing me to express my open and honest thoughts about what he allowed me to listen to. Cheers to Mr. Currie’s readers and listeners from London!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Manda Martinotti

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Women’s & Couples’ Sex Coach Nikki Ransom

Episode #8 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length:  1 hour, 41 minutes

In episode eight of the adult-themed podcast show, The Erotic Conversationalist, Host Alan Roger Currie – better known to his listeners as “The King of Verbal Seduction” – interviewed Certified Sex Therapist and Personal Sex Coach, Nikki Ransom-Alfred.  Make sure you dim the lights and lock yourself in a room by yourself as you listen to the sizzling sexual chemistry produced between Alan and Nikki.  Both have extremely sexy voices, and they played off of each other so well.

This episode begins with about four and a half minutes of jazz music, which honestly, I felt could have been left out.  The interview finally gets going at about the eight minute mark of the episode.  I personally think Alan’s intro could be lessened to about 3 or 4 minutes, but that’s just me. Alan opened up the interview with Nikki by highlighting the fact that she is the only woman to be a guest on both of his programs.  Alan has another show that he does for a live audience called Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie.  This show, The Erotic Conversationalist, is not recorded for a live audience, but rather Alan records it as what is known as a pre-recorded ‘podcast’ and then he uploads it for his fans to listen to.

Alan asked Nikki about her career as a Personal Sex Coach for women and couples (married and not married).  Nikki explained that many men and women are not happy or satisfied with their sex lives, and they seek her out for coaching and helpful tips.  Nikki said that sometimes, she will actually visit the home or apartment of one of her clients, and coach them as they are fucking!  I thought that was really hot!

The next topic that was discussed in this podcast was “how do you add spice to a relationship or marriage that has grown stale?”  I think it is inevitable that the longer a couple has been together, the more boring and routine the sex can become, but Nikki said that a man and woman always have to be willing to be adventurous, experimental, open-minded, and creative when it comes to keeping their sex live active and exciting! And I agree!  Nikki said that you can have good sex with someone who you are not emotionally bonded with, but she said that sex becomes really good when their is emotion behind it.  I agree!  She also said that you cannot really maintain a great emotional bond if the sex is horrible.  I agree with that too!

I truly adore the host, Alan.  The King.  He has a very risqué way of interviewing women, and Nikki proved to be just as risqué as Alan!  Honestly, before listening to Alan interview Nikki, I don’t think I had ever listened to a talk radio interview that had me tempted to touch myself.  Trust me ladies – Alan is going to make you want to touch yourself.  His voice is ultra-sexy, and he just has a way with words.  His favorite saying is, “oooooooooh, say it again.”  He sounds so sexy when he says that.  I now want my current boyfriend to say “say it again,” but then I would probably start thinking about Alan and the way he says it.

Alan’s interviewing style is both playful and very sensual, which makes you listen attentively to everything he is saying.  I was so turned on when Nikki was describing how a man should lick a woman’s pussy, and how a woman should suck a man’s dick.  She said a woman should suck a man’s dick anytime he wants it sucked.  She said good dick sucking is the key to a good marriage!  And Alan agreed, even though I don’t think Alan is married.  I adore the sweet sound of Nikki’s voice and how brutally honest both she and Alan were in discussing issues related to good sex. Neither one of them minces words at all.

Nikki said that a woman can actually experience as many as twelve or thirteen different types of orgasms!  I never knew that.  I laughed when Nikki was talking about men with pencil dicks.  I hope no men with pencil dicks will feel insecure listening to this episode.  I use to hear women I knew talk about pinky dicks, but only a couple talk about pencil dicks.  In case you don’t know, a pinky dick is one that is real short.  Say, less than five inches in length.  A pencil dick is one that is really skinny.  Say, less than four inches in girth.

Many condom companies say that a man’s dick is considered small length-wise if it is less than five inches, average is between five and six inches, and anything longer than six inches is considered long.  A man’s dick is considered small girth-wise if it is less than four inches in circumference, average is between four and five inches, and any penis that is thicker than five inches is considered what Nikki called a “fat dick.”  In case you don’t know, circumference is determined by taking a soft cloth or vinyl tape measure and you wrap it around your dick while it is fully hard.  I’ve heard that some guys who work in porn have dicks as long as more than nine inches and as thick as six or seven inches in circumference. I think those porn dicks might be TOO big for many women!

Nikki said she prefers that a man have a fat dick because it feels more snug in her pussy.  She said she likes for a man’s dick to fill her pussy up.  I doubt if too many women will disagree!  But for those men who listen to this episode that have pinky dicks or pencil dicks, don’t worry!  We women love you too!  You just have to learn how to work with what you got!  That’s all!

I am not going to give away other spoilers, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode.  Neither Alan or Nikki are afraid to talk about sex in the most outspoken and unpretentious manner.   What was funny was when Nikki mentioned that her husband was in the home with her while she was playing with her pussy for Alan.  That made the interview even hotter!  I think Alan has that effect on women.  I mean, I have a boyfriend, but I know if Alan got me on the phone he would have me playing with my pussy for him like crazy.  That’s why he’s considered the King of getting women’s pussies wet!  Especially when it comes to phone sex!  I read in one of his bios that he’s had phone sex with over 1,800 women! That means he has seduced a lot of women into playing with their pussies for him.  Where does he find the time? Curious minds wonder!

Even though Nikki gives a few helpful tips to men, this episode is primarily for the ladies.  Women will benefit from this episode greatly, as Nikki emphasized an important message, which was, “Your partner needs to please you in your heart and satisfy you emotionally, and only then can he be allowed to please your pussy and make it sing with seductive notes.” I feel this podcast episode will help women become more comfortable with their sexuality in and out of the bedroom!

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Review of Alan Roger Currie’s interview with Metaphysical Erotica Novelists Megan Hussey and Saqqarah

Episode #10 of The Erotic Conversationalist (BlogTalkRadio)

Length:  1 hour, 33 minutes

Are you ready to play? No, I don’t mean just with your partner! Trust me ladies, this episode will have you double clicking on your clit faster than you can breathe!

In episode ten of The Erotic Conversationalist,  Host Alan Roger Currie – “The King of Verbal Seduction” – talks to New Age erotica novelists Saqqarah and Megan Hussey about the erotica genre of books, and the sexy evolution and growth of new age metaphysical erotica that has became popular with men and women alike.

My favorite questions from Alan would have to be about how the authors came about writing erotica. From Saqqarah’s sensual, and sexy nature at age 12 to Megan’s alcohol induced writings among her colleagues and her, it showed me that both novelists are comfortable with their erotic and sensual sides.  It is very refreshing to listen to women be so forthright about their innermost sexual thoughts and fantasies!  That is why I now love Alan’s show.

I also enjoyed when Megan said that when she says “bless us” not only is it for her own spirituality but it is her way of blessing others. I love sex talk, and risqué sex talk like Alan’s even more, but sex talk becomes even more satisfying when I hear that women are new age spiritualists and seek to combine spirituality and sexuality in their writings.  Saqqarah and Megan even bring more to their stories through paranormal romance and Greek Mythology.

Being a Wiccan myself, we are very in tune with the greek mythologies, the passions and undying love that were ages ago, that are peaking up as easy as a man’s dick when turned on. Symbolically, a man’s aroused dick can signify a woman tuning into her own divine and sensual spirit. Therefore, hearing about Greek Mythology is not only a key to women’s energy and sexual vibrations, but also strokes a note in the listener’s ancient Wiccan, Pagan or spiritual ways.

Hussey made quite the sexy point that nothing beats a story of a very sexy, dominant, powerful alpha wolf male making love to a consenting female who is totally in tune with her sacred sexuality.

I love, love, love, how Alan as the host can switch gears during his interviews.  One moment, he will absorb as much information and helpful advice from his guests on behalf of his many listeners, but then shortly thereafter, he will have a guest of his playing with her pussy like crazy and responding obediently to his requests and commands.  Alan is, by trade, a D/S and polyamory coach.  In case you don’t know, D/S stands for Dominant / Submissive relationships.

There is one hot segment where Alan, or shall I say, ‘the King,’ was describing a fantasy scenario where he would be fucking Saqqarah with his hard dick, and he would have Megan licking on his balls and his dick as he slides his dick in and out of Saqqarah’s pussy.  That was SO HOT to listen to.  Alan was talking to both authors in a very dominant fashion, and you could sense that both Saqqarah and Megan were playing with their pussies like crazy.

Saqqarah gave Alan a great compliment, telling him that he was one of the few men she knew who could get women’s pussies wet just with the sexual energy and vibrations he puts forth with his voice.  I totally agree with Saqqarah.  If you are a woman who loves a man using risqué sex talk with you, and you love a man talking to you in a sexually dominant fashion, Alan will surely leave your pussy wet when you listen to him.  Alan seems not only to be a great talker and verbal seducer, but he also seems to be a very good listener and very non-judgmental of women’s sexuality.

Saqqarah and Megan are both very intuitive and they both seem to know how to write novels that will leave a lot of women’s pussies dripping wet and a lot of men’s dicks really, really hard.

I feel as though the women who listen to this episode and read the two erotica novelists’ books will ultimately want to take paranormal erotica acts and bring them into the bedroom while tapping into their own unique seductive energy and vibrations that can only heighten sexual pleasure for their partner.  It is a woman’s sacred sexuality and spirituality that makes her a Goddess, and this episode definitely reiterates that point in a very arousing manner.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars