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Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking is Alan Roger Currie’s ground breaking self-help book designed to help men (and even women too) identify the weaknesses in their verbal communication skills with members of the opposite sex that are usually caused by that person’s egotistical insecurities, their most profound fears, and their highly invalid beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions regarding how dating rituals between men and women should ideally progress and unfold.

While listening to this audiobook, Currie will have the listener take notes in each chapter (pre-printed journal notes are available here), and the listener will learn the difference between the Four Modes of Verbal CommunicationTM that Currie strongly asserts that every heterosexual man in society employs in their conversations with women:

Mode One verbal communication style: Bold, candid, frank, provocative, specific, straightforward, unapologetic

Mode Two verbal communication style: Cautious, entertaining, flattering, pleasant, polite, vague and ambiguous

Mode Three verbal communication style: Dishonest, fawning, fraudulent, indecisive, misleading, phony, timid

Mode Four verbal communication style: Antagonistic, bitter, harshly critical, hateful, highly opinionated, vindictive

Here are many of the questions that will be answered when you listen to the audiobook version of Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking:

• What is ‘entertaining small talk,’ and how can this type of conversation prevent a man from creating romantic and/or sexual chemistry with a woman?

• What is ‘social programming,’ and how does it influence our behavior?

• What are ‘manipulative head games,’ and why do men and women use these in today’s dating scene?

• What is the difference between ‘talking’ and ‘verbally communicating?’ Which one is more useful?

• What are the TOP TWO FEARS that most negatively influence a man’s behavior toward women?

• What is the difference between a ‘direct approach’ and an ‘indirect approach?’

• What is ‘FunClubbing,’ and how can that leave a man feeling bitter and frustrated in the long-run?

• Why is it that being ‘indirect’ with women usually leads to a man transitioning into a misogynistic state of mind known as ‘the Mode Four Zone?’

• What is an ‘Alpha male?’ What is a ‘Beta male?’ How does maintaining an ‘Alpha male mindset’ vs. a ‘Beta male mindset’ positively or negatively affect a man’s ability to attract and seduce women?

• What are the four general categories of women that men will encounter once they let their romantic and/or sexual desires, interests, and intentions be known?

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‘Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking’ is the first audiobook produced by Author Alan Roger Currie

Published by: Mode One Publishing
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