Alpha vs. Beta Attributes: Examining the ‘Alpha Male with a few Beta traits’


Archetype Category:  Alpha male with a few Beta traits

More informal nicknames and alternative labels:  “Man of the House,” “Leader,” “Husband material,” “Adulterer,” “Philanderer,” “Two-Timer,” “Ladies’ man,” “Good catch,” “Charmer,” “Playboy

Brief description / General “M.O.”:  Men who fall into the ‘Alpha male with a few Beta traits’ category tend to generally experience a higher degree of popularity with women than just about any of the men who fall into the other three archetype categories. Men in this category tend to attract both women who are interested in entering into a long-term monogamous relationship that will potentially lead to marriage as well as women who might be interested in multiple episodes of long-term non-monogamous (polyamorous) sex or an extramarital affair.

General ‘Alpha’ Attributes that men in this category tend to possess (Black represents ‘primary’ attributes, Gray represents ‘optional’ traits):

  • Confident and self-assured in his speech and actions
    (i.e., doesn’t hesitate to take action toward the achievement of his goals and the accomplishment of his objectives, and usually expects a positive outcome and desirable results from his actions and behavior)
  • Above-average to exceptionally high degree of self-esteem
    (i.e., thinks very highly of himself and what he has to offer the world)
  • Strong desire to lead others in his professional and personal relationships
    (i.e., wants to be the final decision-maker for the most important issues facing a business relationship, platonic friendship, or romantic / sexual relationship)
  • Strong desire to erotically dominate sex partners
    (i.e., wants to totally dictate when sex happens, how frequently it happens, what sexual positions will be used, what their partner will do to please them and satisfy them, etc.)
  • Totally unfazed by and generally indifferent in response to other people’s subjective criticisms  or insults of himself and his behavior
    (i.e., could care less about the opinions and expectations of others)
  • An extremely low desire to compromise with others regarding his wants, needs, demands, and requests
    (i.e., he wants people to acquiesce to what he wants them to do rather than vice versa)
  • Does not allow other people to treat him in any sort of disrespectful and/or undesirable manner more than once, and definitely not more than twice
    (i.e., does not allow other people to bully him or exhibit behavior that is blatantly rude to him without that person facing some sort of repercussions or consequences)
  • Possesses a very boastful and/or extremely competitive ego
    (i.e., hates for rivals and adversaries to receive more attention, respect, and/or public recognition than himself)
  • Tends to express his thoughts and opinions in a blunt, outspoken manner
    (regardless of if he leaves other people’s egos bruised or feelings hurt)
  • Generally tends to lean more heavily toward promiscuous and/or polyamorous sexual tendencies rather than strictly monogamous sexual tendencies
    (i.e., tends to be more of a ‘player’ type and womanizer type rather than a ‘faithful husband’ or ‘faithful boyfriend’ type)
  • Frowns on conversations and social interactions with others that he deems ‘trivial,’ ‘unproductive,’ or a general waste of his time
    (i.e., doesn’t really care for ‘fluff talk’ and ‘small talk’ and social activities that primarily center on simply engaging in entertaining conversations with others)
  • Would be willing to fight, and kill if necessary, in order to protect himself, his family, his children, and other loved ones
    (i.e.,  very territorial when it comes to the physical safety of those he cares about)

General ‘Beta’ Attributes that men in this category tend to possess (Black represents ‘primary’ attributes, Gray represents ‘optional’ traits):

  • Tends to optimistically ‘hope for’ positive outcomes and desirable results rather than confidently ‘expect’ them to happen
    (i.e., an average to less-than-average degree of personal confidence)
  • Possesses a very erratic degree of self-esteem
    (i.e., sometimes, he feels good about himself and what he has to offer … and other times, he feels like he is worthless)
  • Prefers to allow others to make important decisions and has no problem helping others achieve their goals
    (i.e., doesn’t mind being a ‘follower’ rather than a ‘leader’)
  • Enjoys very gentle, emotionally profound, monogamy-oriented sex rather than non-monogamous, no-strings-attached sex that involves no real emotional connection
    (i.e., would much prefer to be a woman’s ONLY male lover as opposed to her having multiple male lovers)
  • Is known to be very ‘thin-skinned’ and emotionally and/or egotistically sensitive in response to other people criticizing him or insulting him
    (i.e., possesses a very fragile, insecure ego)
  • Can be very agreeable, compromising, empathetic, and even doesn’t have a problem being subservient and acquiescent to others
    (i.e., doesn’t like ‘verbal confrontations’ with others, and is somewhat intimidated by men who he perceives as more masculine than him and/or more dominant than him)
  • Many times, will allow others to talk to him and/or treat him in a manner that is condescending, disrespectful, blatantly rude, or just downright disrespectful
    (i.e., doesn’t have enough strength of backbone to always stand up for himself)
  • Usually looks to fawn over others and play up to their egos
    (i.e., very flattering toward others and their appealing qualities)
  • Tends to be extremely careful and cautious with his speech and rarely criticizes or insults people directly to their face
    (i.e., always looks to converse with others in a very respectful and even deferential manner)
  • Generally tends to be very accommodating, forgiving, lenient, and financially generous with women
    (i.e., tends to place women on ‘pedestals,’ and genuinely cares about their financial well-being)
  • Loves to be very ‘talkative’ and social with other members of his own gender as well as women
    (i.e., loves to share entertaining anecdotes and biographical stories and does not mind accumulating a high number of purely platonic female friends)
  • Very much looks to avoid physical confrontations (e.g., fisticuffs fighting) with others and generally attempts to avoid engaging in any type of gun violence or other violence with others that involves weaponry
    (i.e., leans toward being a non-aggressive pacifist and hates people who are violent criminals and/or bullies)

General Commentary:  There are two types of men who have a ‘blend’ of both Alpha male attributes and traits and Beta male attributes and traits. One archetype is the Alpha male with a few Beta traits, and the other is the Beta male with a few Alpha traits.

An Alpha male with a few Beta traits is usually a man who was initially either a Total Alpha male (but more than likely, he met a woman who he fell head-over-heels in love with, and his more Beta side slowly but surely emerged) or he was initially a Beta male with a few Alpha traits (but at some point, he realized he needed to strengthen his sense of backbone with women and grow some bigger balls and become more forthright with women about his true wants and needs).

As it relates to socially interacting with women, an Alpha male with a few Beta traits is a man who strongly leans toward getting married and raising a family, but he has such a confident, charismatic, and charming demeanor with women that even when he is involved in what is supposed to be a strictly monogamous relationship or marriage with a woman, he finds himself many times being offered more than his fair share of opportunities to interact with a woman who is offering herself to him as a potential ‘mistress’ or a ‘casual lover-on-the-side.’   Unlike Total Alpha male types, who make it very clear to women upfront that they are interested in promiscuous and/or polyamorous type sex only, an Alpha male with a few Beta traits tends to find the idea of being totally upfront and straightforwardly honest about their desire for non-monogamous casual sex to be a bit of a challenge for them.  Men in this archetype category would strongly prefer to maintain an image and reputation of being a ‘well-mannered and monogamy-minded gentleman.’

Men in this category are naturally social, and usually can maintain a conversation with a woman that is intellectually stimulating, flattering, and entertaining.  Men in this category are usually perceived by women to possess a great sense of humor and wit.  Men in this category genuinely love sharing the company of women both sexually and non-sexually, and will even maintain at least a handful of purely platonic friendships with women.

Men in this category tend to be a bit duplicitous when it comes to different types of women.   For example, if an Alpha male with a few Beta traits is in the company of a woman who he knows for a fact is open-minded, free-spirited, and erotically uninhibited (i.e., kinky), and he also knows that the woman of interest has a history of being promiscuous or polyamorous with male lovers from her past, he will converse with this woman in a more brash, candid, provocative, and even sexually explicit manner.   On the other hand, when an Alpha male with a few Beta traits is in the company of a woman whom he perceives to be a bit more conservative, prudish, and monogamy-oriented, then his manner of verbal expression will be a lot more cautious, considerate, conventional, and polite.  With women from the latter category, an Alpha male with a few Beta traits will typically avoid sexually provocative conversations with women in the first two or three conversations with a woman, and will generally hold off on the more sexually provocative type conversations with women until a later point in time.

Women who are interested in having a man in this category as their long-term boyfriend or future husband love these men’s leadership abilities, their academic and career goals, and the fact that they seem to genuinely love spending time with women both sexually and non-sexually. Women who are more interested in having a man in this category as a casual sex lover or polyamorous companion are attracted to their natural seductive charm with women and their above-average degree of masculinity and physical sex appeal.

Many times, women will ‘test’ men who fall into this category in order to make sure that they possess a stronger sense of backbone than the average Beta male type.  Similarly, sometimes men who are Total Alpha male types and even men who are Beta males with a few Alpha traits will attempt to challenge the manhood and backbone of men in this archetype category.  Total Alpha male types want to make sure men in this category are worthy of maintaining a close male friendship with, while Beta males with a few Alpha traits want to make it known to men who are Alpha males with a few Beta traits that trying to flirt with or seduce their wife or long-time girlfriend is off-limits.

In addition to generally being more monogamy-oriented than men in the Total Alpha male category, men in this category tend to have a higher tolerance for ‘trivial small talk’ than the typical Total Alpha male type, and they also tend to be more financially generous toward women than a Total Alpha male type.   Consequently, men in this category tend to be guilty at times of allowing (manipulative) women to waste their time in an unproductive manner, and they also tend to be susceptible to (materialistic) women exploiting them for financial favors and generous ‘wining and dining’ gestures.

In wrapping up, if you are a man who wants to be considered the unchallenged “man of the house” in the eyes of your wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend, and you want women to know that you will put them in their place when they get out of line or attempt to blatantly disrespect you, then this is the category you should aspire to.  The main traits you are going to have to tweak and improve upon is the penchant for engaging in unnecessary ‘small talk’ and learning to express yourself in a more bold, upfront, specific, and straightforwardly honest manner with those women who you are looking to only engage in one or more episodes of short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with.

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