The ‘Secret’ that Highly Manipulative Women Don’t Want You to Know

I have to do a bit of “bragging” on myself … not for the purpose of ‘tooting my own horn’ … but rather to set up the point I am going to make about men interacting with women, and more specifically, women who are very sexually duplicitous and/or highly manipulative.

There was a time in the late 1980s, early 1990s, where phone sex was thought of as something that sexually desperate men paid money for (calling into a 1-900 number or 1-975 number or similar) with charges ranging anywhere from $0.99 per minute to as much as $5.99 per minute.  I called some of those 1-900 numbers myself back in 1988 or 1989, just out of curiosity.  The ‘bad’ news was that professional phone sex operators did not manage to turn me on at all.  They sounded way too phony and ‘scripted’ for my tastes.  I would end up lightheartedly mocking them in classic ‘Bart Simpson’ fashion (usually with a ‘dumb blonde’ type voice), and they would get so mad at me that they would hang up on me.

Then, when I moved from Gary, Indiana to Bloomington, Indiana in May 1992 to return to Indiana University to complete the requirements for my college degree, I began having semi-regular and later regular phone sex with a woman I used to date and exchange orgasms with.  She loved my phone sex talents so much that she began ‘referring me’ to a number of her closest girlfriends, so that I could engage in phone sex with them as well.

Soon, both the woman I dated and her girlfriends kept repeatedly flattering my ego with a variety of compliments about how verbally smooth, seductive, and kinky I was.  I would make many of the women not only masturbate over-the-phone to the point of orgasm once, but a good number of times I would make them masturbate to the point of orgasm two times, three times, or four times (I actually once made a woman masturbate to the point of orgasm eight times during an episode of hot, kinky phone sex).  Playboy Founder and Publisher Hugh Hefner once said that the #1 sex organ that a man has is not between his legs, but rather between his ears.  Once I fully realized the power of ‘erotic dirty talk’ with women, I totally agreed with the validity of Hefner’s comment.

Between 1992 and September of this year (2015), I would estimate that I have engaged in at least one episode of hot, kinky phone sex with no less than 1,850 – 1,900 women.   A significant percentage of those women have actually paid me to engage in phone sex with them.  Just recently … less than a week ago … I had a new female client pay me to erotically dominate her over-the-phone (see my erotic training page).  I think my highest rotation of women was between September 2008 and June 2009.  During that period, I had as many as approximately 175 different phone sex partners or clients that I was engaging in phone sex with regularly (i.e., at least once every two weeks), semi-regularly (i.e., at least once per month), or occasionally (i.e., an average of once every six-to-twelve weeks).

Why am I sharing my history of phone sex with women with you?

What many ‘Wholesome Pretender’ types and ‘Manipulative Timewaster’ types do not want men to know

I was engaged in a conversation with a guest on my talk radio podcast program, Upfront & Straightforward, when I had a female listener call into the show.  I want to say her name was “Anja” (pronounced, “Ahn-ya”).  She opened her comments by first accusing me of exhibiting ‘disrespectful’ behavior with women from my past.  She strongly felt that it was very inappropriate and disrespectful for a man to be engaging in ‘erotic dirty talk’ with a woman in his very first conversation with women.

Anja went on to say that ‘talking dirty’ to women was not only disrespectful and rude, but it was unproductive and a waste of time.  She asserted that no man could get her sexually aroused simply by ‘talking dirty’ to her.  She went on to say that only she was capable of getting her own pussy wet, and there was nothing a man could do or say that would result in her becoming sexually aroused.

Believe it or not, Anja’s comments did not surprise me at all.  NOT ONE BIT.  I have had MANY women express this same sentiment to me over the years.

Here is a ‘secret’ about women that the vast majority of men in society do not know, or do not consciously realize:


This is why most women who are either ‘Wholesome Pretender’ types and/or ‘Manipulative Timewaster’ types tend to have an ‘adverse reaction’ to men attempting to engage them in ‘erotic dirty talk.’

You see, the vast majority of women want you to believe one of two things:

  1. That only THEY can get themselves sexually aroused, as soon as you agree to be an ‘obedient good boy’ for them;
  2. That YOU can get their pussy wet, but only by “earning” the opportunity to physically caress and touch their vagina after you have agreed to be a financially generous and/or highly accommodating ‘gentleman’ toward them;

Think about it.  How could an upscale Erotic Escort or Professional Call Girl charge you $250.00 – $1,000.00+ for sex, if you are a man who knows how to get their pussy dripping wet just by talking dirty to them?   THINK ABOUT THAT.

Think about it.  How could a woman who presents herself as a ‘prude’ or ‘semi-prude’ attempt to deny you sex or ‘hold back’ sex from you (particularly if she is your long-term girlfriend, fiancée, or wife) if you are a man who has a talent for getting her pussy dripping wet just by talking dirty to her?  THINK ABOUT THAT.

A woman who is a street prostitute, Professional Call Girl, or Upscale Erotic Escort banks on the assumption that you are a man who believes either a) that only a woman can get herself sexually aroused (after you have paid her some money), or b) that she has to give you ‘permission’ to caress and touch her pussy in order to get her wet enough for her to agree to have sex with you (again, after you have either paid her money, performed some sort of financial favor for her, or have generally behaved as some sort of ‘obedient good boy’ to her).

What most men don’t realize about the duplicitous and manipulative ways of women

Here is the reality:  When you believe that only a woman can get herself sexually aroused, or you accept the belief that you have to pay for and/or “earn” the opportunity from a woman to caress and touch her pussy in order to get her sexually aroused, then that woman automatically maintains the ‘upper hand’ over you and other men.  That woman will always have a certain degree of control and influence over men’s behavior.

Fact:  Women who are a combination of manipulative and materialistic absolutely hate a man who has exceptional ‘erotic dirty talk’ skills and verbal seduction skills.  Why?  Because these men neutralize their ability to charge men money in exchange for sex.

You see, most women who are paid sex workers (e.g., prostitutes, Call Girls, Erotic Escorts, brothel employees, etc.) can only earn a living if they know how to get themselves aroused.  These women usually have to engage in sexual relations with men who they have very little, if any genuine sexual attraction toward.  Even many women who are not some sort of paid sex worker will train themselves to get themselves sexually aroused in order to engage in sex with a male companion who they are not really sexually attracted to.  Many women will date and even marry men who they are not really sexually attracted to if that man is wealthy and financially generous (read this Examiner article).

Think about it:  If you were a man who knew you could get any woman’s pussy wet in a matter of minutes just by talking dirty to them, why would you ever become motivated to pay women money in exchange for their sexual companionship?  99.9% of the time, you would have no motivation to pay women a significant amount of money in exchange for sex.

The only time I have ever been tempted to pay a woman money to have sex is when a woman’s ability to speak (American) English and/or her ability to understand (American) English was so poor, that I knew for a fact that I could not get that woman’s pussy wet with ‘erotic dirty talk’ and my verbal communication skills (in other words, international women who I was sexually attracted to that were not bilingual).  If a woman speaks fluent American English, and she has no problem understanding American English, then I tend to feel as though I can get any woman’s pussy wet just by talking dirty to them.

Why many women will PRETEND to be ‘offended’ and ‘turned off’ by erotic dirty talk

Now, there are some women who are so profoundly prudish (because of years of conservative ‘social programming) and/or so deeply religious, that they just cannot bring themselves to engage in any type of lengthy explicit ‘sex talk’ with a man.

With the vast majority of women though, they know deep-down that ‘erotic dirty talk’ has the potential to get their pussies extremely wet.  Trust me.  They know this.  So what do they do in order to prevent a man from getting them to the point of full sexual arousal just by talking dirty to them?  They will feign as if a man is “turning them off” and they will immediately accuse him of being “rude,” “crass,” and/or “disrespectful” to them.

Don’t believe the hype.

The reality is, most women do not want to relinquish their ‘upper hand’ over men.  They want all men to believe that their sexual companionship is something that should be “purchased” and/or “earned.”

This is why the caller Anja did not want to (publicly) acknowledge that a man had the ability to get her pussy wet.  Again, women – and particularly women who are sexually duplicitous and/or highly manipulative and materialistic – never want men to believe they have the power to get a woman sexually aroused just by ‘talking dirty’ to them.

John Leslie’s fictional character of ‘Jack’ in Talk Dirty to Me and Talk Dirty to Me, Part II was the first one to show me that men have the ability to get women sexually aroused without even touching them

John Leslie’s fictional character of the womanizing ‘Jack’ in the adult film classics, Talk Dirty to Me, Nothing to Hide, and Talk Dirty to Me, Part II was my first influence and inspiration that taught me that you do not have to physically touch a woman in order to get her sexually aroused.  Jack’s #1 weapon in his arsenal for seducing women was his highly self-assured sense of confidence combined with his exceptional talent for engaging in ‘erotic dirty talk’ with women.

Women are very auditory creatures.

Both men and women primarily get turned on by what they see, what they read and what they hear.  Most religious types and prudish types will always try to prevent young, virginal women from viewing something pornographic, reading something pornographic and/or listening to something pornographic, because they know that if young, innocent, sexually inexperienced, wholesome type women are exposed to visual erotic stimuli, literary erotic stimuli and/or auditory erotic stimuli, they will soon become turned on.

Men primarily get sexually turned on by visual erotic stimuli (e.g., photographic images of nude women, porn videos of men and women engaging in sex, being around attractive, sexy strippers in bikinis or lingerie, etc.)

Studies show that women get sexually turned on more so by what they read and by what they listen to.  For example, women read XXX-rated erotica novels and short stories probably 20 times more often than they will watch pornographic videos.

Being Verbally Smooth and Seductive with women is arguably the most UNDERRATED and OVERLOOKED dating-related skill and talent a man can develop

As you know, I have one audiobook that covers how to converse with and interact with women who are ‘Wholesome Pretender’ types and another audiobook that covers how to converse with and interact with women who are ‘Manipulative Timewaster’ types.

When you improve your overall verbal communication skills, your understanding of women’s romantic and sexual psychology, and you hone your ‘erotic dirty talk’ talents and verbal seduction skills, you will be able to identify and expose both types of women.

With Wholesome Pretender types, your verbal seduction skills will generally allow you to expose the fact that a woman is really turned on by what you are saying rather than turned off.  On the flip side, with Manipulative Timewaster types, your penchant for straightforward sex talk will allow you to expose that a woman who is attempting to mislead you into believing that she has some degree of genuine romantic and/or sexual interest in you is actually a woman who is looking to do nothing more than recruit you as a purely platonic ‘male girlfriend’ and/or potential ‘Sugar Daddy.’

Coaching and Consultations with Alan Roger Currie

When I engage in a Skype consultation and/or Telephone consultation with a new male client … or I engage in a One-on-One / Face-to-Face Dating Coaching Session with a new male client … here is my general process of what I emphasize:

Priority #1:  Helping men overcome their fear of rejection, their fear of being criticized by women, their fear of being insulted by women, and their fear of being ‘disliked’ and/or indefinitely ignored by women.

End result:  My male client will be able to approach women with a higher degree of confidence and initiate a conversation with a woman with no profound fears and/or egotistical insecurities

Priority #2:  Helping men overcome their invalid beliefs about women and dating, and weed out all of their ‘faulty social programming’ that causes them to engage in way too much unproductive ‘trivial small talk’ with women. 

End result:  My male client will feel more comfortable expressing his true romantic and/or sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women in an upfront, unapologetic, highly self-assured, specific, and straightforwardly honest manner.

Priority #3:  Helping men prepare for some of the common ‘objections’ and ‘justifications for resistance’ that many women will throw at them when they exhibit Mode One Behavior.

End result:  My male client will be able to feel prepared for any type of ‘resistance’ and any type of ‘ball busting and/or shit tests’ that women will throw his way during a first conversation.

Priority #4:  Helping men distinguish between a ‘Reciprocator’ and a ‘Manipulative Timewaster,’ distinguish between a ‘Rejecter’ and a ‘Wholesome Pretender,’ and differentiate between a ‘Wholesome Pretender’ and a ‘Manipulative Timewaster.’

End result:  My male client will be able to quickly and effectively identify a Reciprocator, a Rejecter, a Wholesome Pretender, and a Manipulative Timewaster based on their verbal reactions, their facial expressions and overall body language, and the woman’s attempts to ‘size them up’ as being either an ‘Alpha’ male or a ‘Beta’ male.

Priority #5:  Helping men transform from being a ‘Total Beta Male’ and a ‘Beta Male with a small percentage of Alpha traits’ into becoming more of either a ‘Total Alpha Male’ or an ‘Alpha Male with a small percentage of Beta traits.’

End result:  My male client will be able to engage in sexual relations with women without spending a significant amount of money on women, or without necessarily feeling obligated to offer a woman a promise or guarantee of long-term monogamy.

Anyone who is interested in engaging in a Skype consultation (U.S. or international), a Telephone consultation (U.S. only), or a One-on-One / Face-to-Face Dating Coaching Session with me can CLICK HERE.





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